February 16th, 2015

Color Challenge - February 15

For the next color, I've picked the Pantone color Tiger Lily.


"Tiger Lily 17-1456 was the 2004 Color of the Year.

It acknowledges the hipness of orange, with a touch of exoticism.

With inspiration from the natural flower, this warm orange contains the very different red and yellow. One of these colors evokes power and passion while the other is hopeful. This combination creates a bold and rejuvenating color. "

Your challenge is to use it in either a fic with a minimum of 100 words or an icon.

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Monday and a flash challenge!

I know that I owe all kinds of reading and comments, as well as a big thank you to H for posting last week. I'm still not caught up, but it has been a pleasant weekend of being snowed in and some mentally therapeutic knitting. Not much for the word count, but I feel mentally better able to handle the upcoming work week and more snow that's headed this way. It's just another 4 inches tomorrow, the weather people are saying it's nothing. *headdesk*

However - Dreamy got us mentioned over at AO3's International FanFiction day! I'm so proud! How did you all do? Even Eggs was excited! And we had a fantastic weekend challenge! AND ALL THE GOOD THINGS!!!

Now how are you all going to top that this week?

Well let me give you a hand!

flash challenge photo flash_zpsebdc6890.png

It's Presidents' Day to me so I give you the prompt of: Large and in charge!

Give us an icon or 100 written words or ... anything at all that's big or in control!

Happy Monday!
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Heya! And here we are with the first Recs post for the year, because I have been very slack and didn't manage one for January.

The rec prompt for this month is:

Short & Sweet

And as it has just been Valentine's Day, how about some sweet little love fics for this time around? What's a fave of yours? Any fandom, slash or het, something under 2000 words that you absolutely adore and would like to rec to the rest of us - link it here!

And for anyone dropping by who reads any of the linked fics, how about dropping some love in the form of kudos or comments to the author? ;-)