January 2nd, 2015

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Challenge: Birthdays

Hey everyone, and welcome to the first birthday challenge entry for 2015. Now, we're starting a new year as you know, and I'd love to see as many people as possible join in, so please go here to sign up for this in 2015. The linked entry is in the links list at the top left of our comm page for you to refer to any time from here on in, so please go there now and check out who has already signed up. If you see anyone you would be willing to gift to in 2015, please comment to this post and let me know the user-names of them.

This post is screened, so only K and I will see your entries (don't look, K! ;-P); this is so your giftee will not know who may be making things for them till their big day. It also means if you can't manage it, they won't be disappointed. If I reply to your comment, I will have to unscreen it, but I will then re-screen both comments again, so if you don't get notifications, you will need to PM me if you want me to send my reply to you again.

I wouldn't expect you to create for more than 3-5 people, nor is there an absolute must to make things for anyone you name if you are unable to complete something by their birthday. However, you may name as many people as you want, and I am going to leave it to you to work out a schedule for making your creations, so it will be up to you to spread the birthdays you choose over the year however it works best for you.

I'll be posting at the beginning of each month with reminders of whose birthdays are coming up that month, and linking you back to their wishlists, and then posting an individual birthday post for each person on or about their big day as it arrives. Just like this year, you can comment with your wishes, gifts and/or links to your gifts, and each birthday person is encouraged to track their entry so they can watch things come in. Don't forget to thank your gift-givers!

If members sign up later in the year for this challenge, I will remind people to have another look in the master post and to check whether there's anyone new you'd like to give to (and thus comment here), but you can feel free to give gifts to additional people, even if you haven't informed me. I may have to ask around a bit if it looks like anyone isn't getting a lot of offers, so please bear with me on that, but otherwise, I think we're set!


Feb edit: comment here any time you see someone you want to gift to; even if you have already commented (or just edit that comment) Link back to birthday challengers post here
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January Birthdays!

WOOHOO! First set of birthdays for 2015! This month we have three birthday people that have signed up so far! They are:

Jan 12th: galadriel34: Gala's wishlist!

Jan 15th: angelus2hot: Angel's wishlist!

Jan 18th: flipflop_diva: Diva's wishlist!

And if anyone would like to give gifts to any of these lovely members (especially the last one, as Diva only just signed up), please comment here so that I know there will be something coming for them! Thank you! ;-)

I'll post for each of these challengers again on their birthdays for you to comment with your gifts or a link to them. Happy creating! ;-)
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Word of the Day 01/02/15 Gormandize

Gormandize (verb, noun)
gormandize [v. gawr-muh n-dahyz; n. gawr-muh n-deez]

verb (used without object), verb (used with object), gormandized, gormandizing.
1. to eat greedily or ravenously.

2. gourmandise.

Also, especially British, gormandise.

Origin: 1540-50; < French gourmandise (noun), equivalent to Middle French gourmand gourmand + -ise noun suffix later taken as v. suffix -ize

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.