November 17th, 2014


Daily Count Challenge to csichick_2!

Well! I've been rather lazy yesterday (or zzzz so sleepy all day), so I didn't get much written. But I edited a lot of HTML! xD My overall count is 850 words, most of which was done today. And yay, my pt-lightning fic finally exceeded the 1k mark and the first part might even be ready to go to beta later today \o/

Moreover, I got two more ficlet ideas which I will poke at now. ;D

Passing the baton to csichick_2! Go, go, go! :D (Ready to go again, if needed :))
Brain million
  • kaige68


I don't even know! And I don't even know what I don't even know. But clearly it is Monday, and obviously you all need to be told how very awesome you are.


So what are your plans for the week? How is SoJ going? Your TV show? Your NaNo? How will you top your awesomeness?

I want to know!!!