October 31st, 2014

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Word of the Day 10/31/14 Halloween

Halloween (noun)
Halloween [hal-uh-ween, -oh-een, hol-]

1. the evening of October 31; the eve of All Saints' Day; Allhallows Eve: observed especially by children in costumes who solicit treats, often by threatening minor pranks.

Origin: 1550-60; (All)hallow(s) + e(v)en

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Monthly Challenge Roundup (of a sort...)

Hello to everyone who took part in the monthly challenge,

I hope y'all had a good time and got many bites from the ever present plot bunnies. If not, keep your song and use whenever the inspiration strikes.

Anywho, I plan to work on the rewards that I owe to those who finished, so look for them next month.

Thanks again for playing.
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The Weekend Is Here and that means......

A Challenge!!!

It's my turn once again to run the weekend challenge, and since today is All Hallo's Eve and tomorrow is All Saints Day I'm making the challenge a Saints and Sinners one.

That means take your favorite good guy/girl and make them evil and take your favorite bad guy/girl and make them good.

Example: Supernatural, Castiel becomes like Crowley and Crowley becomes like Castiel.

Now go forth and create between bites of Halloween candy and popcorn balls.

P.S. For those of us in the US, remember to turn your clocks back tomorrow night.

Happy Halloween!!!
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Nov. Monthly Challenge: Create a TV Show

Create a TV Show

Welcome to November Sweeps! For your Monthly Challenge this month, you're going to create your own show for the B&E Network! Some other programs on the Network include, No Place Like Home, SHIELD 42, CSI: Las Vegas, Ozguard, and Magic Squad, and more. Because we are addicted to creating TV Shows. Welcome to our addiction. erinm_4600 and I, bizarra are your hosts for this month.

For this month's challenge, you can create any type of TV Show you want. It can be any genre, or any type of show, even reality. Anything goes! The above shows were linked for you to look at and use as examples in your own creation. If you have no graphic experience, your images do not have to be pretty. We just want to see who you are casting. :) Your show can be anything, a drama, a space opera, a cooking show, wherever your imagination takes you!

The Rules:
+ Give your show a name.
+ Write a 50-100 word (or more!) general synopsis of your show.

Your entry should include:
1. Characters: Create characters for your show. You can create as many, or as few, characters that you want. They can be main cast, recurring, supporting or even guest cast. Give a description of your characters and a headshot type graphic of them. (keep the graphic at about 200x200 (ish) pixels)
2. Writing: Give us more detail about the world your show is set in, and maybe an episode or two!
3. Graphics (Optional): Create graphics for your show - promotional posters, wallpapers, title cards, etc - (400x400 minimum, no maximum, but please post large graphics as thumbnails)
4. Create a Fandom (optional): Create a fandom for your show. This can be in the form of fan campaigns, community names (you do not have to actually create a community, unless you wish to), Flame Wars, Charity events, fanfic, etc... go wild!

Additional Info:
+ You may use any images of actors and actresses, for this challenge (candids, promo shots, movie images, etc)
+ All images must be work-safe
+ Please post your entry as a new post in this community. (Don't forget the LJ Cut if the entry is really long)
+ You may do the layout for your post in any way you wish. As long as it is easy to follow.
+ Gifts will be in the form of a shiny participation banner! And hopefully a new universe for you to play in!

Please post any questions in the Questions thread in this post.

Can I get a tag for this?
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Mini-Wrimo peeps check this out!

Hey guys, for all of you involved in mini_wrimo, there is a collection ready over at AO3 for anything you want to share with the comm while you're in the writing process in November, or afterwards at any stage!

Here is the link: 1MW AO3 Mini-Wrimo Collection

Good luck to everyone participating in either the main NaNoWriMo or with the Mini-Wrimo!

Whoever makes the most words wins! is a star, but we love ALL the words and celebrate and encourage all of you all the way! WOOT!

It's the 31st here, so I'm starting my own goal of 200 WPD TOMORROW! Wish me luck! I'm going to post reminders as often as I can, and you're all welcome to let me know how you're doing, and/or ask for and offer encouragement to others in those posts.