August 31st, 2014


August Rush: Collective Creations - Week 4

Can't believe that we're basically done. WOW MAN.

If you have more creations, don't hesitate to post them here! I and haldoor will be adding stuff up once September hits. You still have TODAY to create! GO GO GO!!!

Now have a look at the week's awesome creations!

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If I missed anything, don't hesitate to hit me upside the head and TELL ME!!! Thanks :D
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September Birthdays!

Okay, so for a change I'm getting in early! We have only two people on the birthday challenge schedule for September, so as they are both early on in the peace, I'm posting now, that way there's no danger of me forgetting!

I'll post for each of them on their birthday as usual, and you can link any gifts you make to that post when it appears, but in case you want to get to work now, under the cut are the wishlists of the two lucky members who have September birthdays!

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So, get your creating hats on, and start working on your presents for our upcoming birthdays!
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graphics from my trip, part 1

As some of you know, my family and I went on a three-week trip to Europe in July. I took 1347 photos, and am in the process of making graphics from those photos. It's definitely a work in progress because I'm not terribly skilled at it :) Here is what I managed in August:

As a teaser, seven icons from photos I took on the gondola ride in Venice:

 photo gondolaicon7.png  photo gondolaicon4.png  photo gondolaicon6.png  photo gondolaicon2.png  photo gondolaicon.png  photo gondolaicon5.png  photo gondolaicon3.png

And the rest at my journal here, because there are some big wallpapers and I'm not skilled in resizing or anything. Feel free to look if you'd like! Photos from Venice, Rome, and Dublin this time.
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Update your numbers!

I'm posting this for Kaige as she's having computer issues, but she's hoping things will be up and running for the big count.

Monday morning is count day!!! Get your updates in now so everything's ready for her to add up the numbers.

Written words ~*~ Graphic words

Also there is still plenty of time to sign up for September's Daily count challenge and Big Buddy.

It's going to be very interesting to see where we're at with the numbers! EEEEEEEEEE, I just know we'll be ahead! ;-)