August 4th, 2014


Daily Count Challenge: Passing the Torch to Severina2001!

Last month I fumbled the passing of the torch, but...happily this time I'm on it both with the words and with the handoff.  I wrote over 1,300 words Sunday! Many of them on a WIP chapter that should be done tomorrow, and @500 more on the first chapter of my August WOTD fic! Yay! Now it's your turn, severina2001 !!! I hope you have good luck making your daily count.
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Word of the Day 8/4/14 Sockdolager

Sockdolager (noun)
sock·dol·a·ger [sok-dol-uh-jer]

noun Older Slang.
1. something unusually large, heavy, etc.
2. a decisive reply, argument, etc.
3. a heavy, finishing blow: His right jab is a real sockdolager.

Origin: 1820–30, Americanism; sock + -dolager, of uncertain origin

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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It's Monday!

It's Monday!! And we have 9.3 million words! It's Monday! And I'm sitting by the pool on my last vaca day! It's Monday and I've gone through 238 notifications!

That's how awesome the last 4 days have been! While I was cleaning the house and having my father's 70th birthday party you all piled up 238 notifications in my LJ inbox! That's a lot of doing on your parts!!! YOU ARE ALL SO AWESOME!!!!

I still have a truck load of fic to read through, and get myself organized and get going on the reward for the Pool Party (Huge success BTW), but in the interim, why don't you tell me about your big plans to stay awesome this week/month! Have you figured out what to do with August Rush, WotD, Alphabet, Numbers, Torrid Tuesdays.... There's so much to choose from!
Are you still hanging in with the 100 in 100?

I've revamped my personal goals for the year here, and I'm revamping some for my life in general as well. Because you all make me believe that I can do anything!!!


August Rush 2014: Day One!

WOOHOO! And we're underway! Welcome to August Rush for 2014. This year, we have SIX wonderful fandoms for you:


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Once the challenge finishes, I will offer the following rewards:

- a personalised completion gif (banner-size) to anyone who completes the full four weeks of the challenge (20 creations or equivalent in each fandom chosen) in more than one fandom
- a personalised completion banner to anyone who completes the full four weeks of the challenge (20 creations or equivalent) in one fandom (Edit: making 20 creations in collective fandoms also qualifies here)
- a personalised participation banner to anyone who makes any ten creations (any fandom/s) over the whole challenge
- and everyone who attempts the challenge but makes fewer than ten creations (any fandom/s) will be able to claim any of the non-personalised participation banners that I will make for each fandom
(PS: if anyone would like to help make the banners, please PM or email me)

Did I forget anything? Ask away if anything is not clear.

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Go ahead and create: most of all, have fun! ;-)
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Monday Madness: Recs!

And once again, I am blowing in and out again...

It's time for Recs! This time around, I'm looking for fics that feature:


So if you have a favourite Rock-Band AU, or a song fic that you've just discovered... maybe a character likes to sing but they're bad at it; maybe it's a couple of Glee characters preparing for a musical... whatever you fancy, whatever you've enjoyed along musical lines, we'd like to hear about it! Link us here! ;-)