May 29th, 2014


One Vid/Week Challenge

It's Thursday and I bring you my next vid choice. I hope you'll like it as much I love. The vidder name is Irishalo. She made excellent videos, her editing skills always amazed me.

This Night - Tess (Smallville)

Dear fearless mods, please give me a tag :) I think what you gave me K last week, didn't work, because it's didn't show up in the list :hug: Thank you :)

Weekend Challenge: They Say It's Your Birthday!

This weekend challenge is about birthdays - Naughty and Nice!

I have a list of gifts, meals, and desserts you can use to celebrate your favorite OTP's/BFF's/Whomever's birthday(s). One list is totally SFW (the "nice" list), while the second list is NSFW (the "naughty" list - although some of the "naughty" items are sort of ridiculous.)

Your creative mission, should you choose to accept, is to request one or more gifts, one or more meals, and one or more desserts.

There are 16 of each item on the Nice list (items 1-16), and 13 of each item on the Naughty list (items 17-29). You are, of course, welcome to mix it up - ask for some Nice (1-16), some Naughty (17-29), all Nice, all Naughty. As always, it's whatever works for you! (Just as an FYI, none of the "naughty" items are really really naughty - no whips, chains, iron maidens. Unless you want those on the naughty list, in which case I will be glad to add a special REALLY REALLY NSFW section for those interested.)

Your rewarders this week will be me (for word rewards) and the ever lovely, charming, and NICE bluedelft for graphic rewards.

To summarize, post a request for Nice gifts, Nice meals, and Nice desserts (1-16) and/or Naughty gifts, Naughty meals, and Naughty desserts (17-29).

Let me know if you have any questions. I really should make things simpler. But where is the fun in that, really?