May 3rd, 2014



OMG, failing so badly! Thank you, oh fearless leader for kicking me. I had completely forgotten it was a new month and I had people's birthdays coming in early May. And May is a big month too, so I've stuck the 'kick me' sign on my back and you may all berate me for my slackness. *hangs head in shame*

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Now, in case you're new and you don't know how this all works, go here for the main post. You can still sign up too, even if your b'day is past for this year, as we're looking at doing it all again next year.

If you're not sure on what size gift is expected, the only rule is: THERE ARE NO RULES FOR SIZE! Be a Size Queen and make it ENORMOUS, or just offer a wee something; whatever you can create! It's all up to you, as long as you think the recipient will like it.

Apologies for the slackness once again. I will be better (I hope) in future! HAPPY HAPPIES! ;-)
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Happy Birthday, wanderlustlover!

At least I'm on time for the actual day! (I know it's probably early, but it's already the 3rd here, so let's make it a long one!)

And to help us out, here's Steve asking nicely for you all to give nice things to Wander!

ALEX!-from tumblr

Mmmmm, yeah. Makes me want to give things. How about you?

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Happy, Happy Birthday, wanderlustlover!!!

Hope it's the best day, ever! ;-)


Hey everyone, I just wanted to pop in and apologise for not answering all the wonderful comments to my Easter post, except one quick one just now about Cadbury's Creme Eggs, as I wanted to know something about that. The rest though, I did see and I found it really interesting reading all about the different hings you have done or do for Easter, and how different or similar they are for me! At this point, though, I'm a little overwhelmed with one thing and another and as it's gone by in such a rush and is now nearly two weeks ago, it all seems a bit pointless to start making long replies (which is what I'd do, knowing me). So again, sorry for not replying when it was relevant, and also, though maybe no one noticed, I was supposed to post something for ANZAC day... and yes, I forgot that too. Maybe next year... SORRY!