April 19th, 2014

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Attention: 100in100 participants!!

Open till 30th April 2014

This is for everyone who has taken part in the 100 in 100 challenge!

Well done, everyone for completing this!

After asking kaige68 if it was okay with her as she was the host for the 100 in 100 challenge, I would like to make  'taken part' banners for everyone who has taken in the FULL 100 in 100 challenge.

I would like for you to provide me with your favourite celebrity or fandom/character - just one. You can provide a link to a specific picture you might want me to use if you like.

Celebrity or Fandom/Character: Stargate Atlantis/John Sheppard
Link to picture (optional): n/a

Copy & paste:
Hawaii Five 0::team::Ohana

Word of the Day 4/19/14 Agnize

Agnize (verb)
ag·nize [ag-nahyz, ag-nahyz]

verb (used with object), ag·nized, ag·niz·ing. Archaic.
to recognize; acknowledge; own.

Also, especially British, ag·nise.

Origin: 1525–35; < Latin agn ( ōscere ) to recognize ( a ( d )- ad- + ( g ) nōscere to come to know, equivalent to gnō- know + -scere -esce) + -ize, modeled on cognize, recognize

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
misc-knitting wool

Happy Easter!

For some, this is a deeply religious time of the year, and the main celebrations occur on Easter Sunday.

For others of us, who are not so religious, Easter is all about chocolate and/or bunnies! and they can pretty much take up all weekend. ;-)


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What special things do you and your family/friends like to do for Easter? Do you do any special religious-related things? What's your favourite kind of chocolate, or special Easter food to eat?

I shall finish with some Creme Eggs for you all today, and offer up a prompt for anyone wanting to write something with an Easter theme:

How do you eat your creme eggs?