March 21st, 2014

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Word of the Day 3/21/14 Scout

Scout (noun, verb)
scout [skout]

1. a soldier, warship, airplane, etc., employed in reconnoitering.
2. a person sent out to obtain information.
3. Sports.
a. a person who observes and reports on the techniques, players, etc., of opposing teams.
b. a person sent out by a team to observe and recommend new talent for recruitment.
4. a talent scout, as in the entertainment field.
5. an act or instance of reconnoitering, inspecting, observing, etc.
6. (sometimes initial capital letter) a Boy Scout or Girl Scout.
7. Informal. a person: He's a good scout.
8. a man acting as servant to a student at Oxford University.

verb (used without object)
9. to act as a scout; reconnoiter.
10. to make a search; hunt
11. to work as a talent scout.

verb (used with object)
12. to examine, inspect, or observe for the purpose of obtaining information; reconnoiter: to scout the enemy's defenses.
13. to seek; search for (usually followed by out or up ): to scout up a date for Friday night.
14. to find by seeking, searching, or looking (usually followed by out or up ): Scout out a good book for me to read.

Origin: 1300–50; (v.) Middle English skowten < Old French escouter, escolter, ascolter ( French écouter to listen) < Late Latin ascultāre, Latin auscultāre to listen; see auscultate; (noun) < Middle French escoute, derivative of escouter

Scout (verb)
scout [skout]

verb (used with object)
1. to treat with scorn; dismiss.
2. to make fun of; deride; mock.

verb (used without object)
3. to scoff; jeer.

Origin: 1595–1605; perhaps < Old Norse skūta, skūt abuse, angry words. See shout

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Daily word count to kaige68

I'll toss it right back atchya! LOL

Yesterday I did a couple of graphics and worked on some write-ups/planning for a challenge I'm working on, and then this morning I wrote up a challenge post for TVU that should go up probably this evening once Erin grammar checks it and codes a table for me. SO I got some things accomplished. :) I have also done my laundry and watered the plants

Go kaige68 You can do it!!!

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Weekend Challenge!

It's Friday night, I'm wearing sunglasses... no, wait. That's the Blues Brothers. I am nursing a BORING WEEK headache and I'm filling in for sagaluthien this weekend, because she doesn't have ready access to a working computer. So, with a little help from lasairfhiona, I bring you....


I have fifteen first lines to get a story started (so far; I may look for more if enough of you are interested), and what I want from you if you want to play is a number from 1-15 [Edit, I've added 16-20 now since someone chose 19, so there are a few more up for grabs now!]. I'll hand out a first line for each number you request. From that, you need to either write a fic longer than 250 words or make a graphic (2-3 icons or 1 banner or more) utilising this first line in some way.

How you do it, what fandom (or none) you use, which genre, character/s and style, is up to you. Now, begin! I'll be back first thing in my AM to hand out lines (why am I now thinking Bart Simpson and a blackboard???)

Oh, and rewards on offer are an icon or two, a drabble with your prompt and choice of my fandoms, or 100 new words in a WIP... and hopefully if I get inundated, the fair lasairfhiona will help me out with a few rewards too. (Thanks in advance, my dear - hope that's okay?)