March 12th, 2014


A to Z Challenge - Letter E

Okay folks! It's that time again to show us what you can do. We have had some really great word and graphic counts! Even one member skipping ahead and finishing twice! Show off :P

So now let's show everyone, that you're
Excited for E

And remember you can go back and do any of the letters, any time you want, as many times you want.
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Word of the Day 3/12/14 Pluvial

Pluvial (adjective, noun)
plu·vi·al [ploo-vee-uhl]

1. of or pertaining to rain, especially much rain; rainy.
2. Geology. occurring through the action of rain.

3. Geology. a rainy period formerly regarded as coeval with a glacial age, but now recognized as episodic and, in the tropics, as characteristic of interglacial ages.

Origin: 1650–60; < Latin pluviālis, equivalent to pluvi ( a ) rain + -ālis -al

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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WOOHOO! It's that time again...


Today it's your birthday (well, OK, technically it's not the 12th yet where you are, but it is here, so let's get this party started EARLY!). We're all about the birthday gifts right now. :D

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So c'mon over to the party, everyone, and wish Blue the best day ever! (and now I find myself humming along with Spongebob! Apologies!). Enjoy, Blue! It's all for you! ;-)
Brain million

Fandom Squee - changes

Hey there folks!
When Star Wars was announced I got some replies that people couldn't help out this month as it was too swamped. So I have to ask: If we bump it a couple of weeks out, are there people willing to make posts? Or should we skip this month and move on to the next topic in April. I'm looking for thoughts and opinions here, as well as volunteers.