March 10th, 2014

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Word of the Day 3/10/14 Schatzi

Schatzi (noun)
schat·zi [shaht-see]

noun Slang
sweetheart; darling.

Origin: 1955–60; < German Schatzi (orig. dial., especially Swiss G), equivalent to Schatz treasure ( Middle High German scha ( t ) z, Old High German scaz property, piece of money; see sceat) + -i diminutive suffix ( Middle High German -în; see -en5 )

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
Brain million


Pimpin' photo pimpin_zps67a8c7a4.jpg

Sure, we're all that over here at 1_million_words, but we wanna know where else you hang. Does some other comm have something fabulous that pushes you? Is there a group that's holding a 20in20 or a prompt fest that gets you going? Do you have a sight that gives you winning lottery numbers? Well here's your place to share!

Who's up for pimpin'?
10 count

Who let Monday happen?

I swear to you it was just Tuesday a few minutes ago! And sure, I know it give us more daylight eventually, but 'falling back' always sets me off for a week or two. Not the time so much, but more that it was finally getting light out when I was waking up, and now it's dark again. I know, right, woe am I.

Also, I have a weird time calculating the time difference between me and haldoor when it's an odd number, which it is until her DLS ends. I can do the 6 hours behind but tomorrow, or the 8, but 7 completely throws me off.

BUT WE'RE HERE AND WE'RE AWESOME!!!! No matter what the sky looks like when we wake up!!! YAY US!!

So what are people's big plans for the week? Are we kicking some wordish butt? Are we looking forward to challenges that are coming up?

Personally, I'm looking forward to writing some rewards and hopefully a good cargument.

So, sorry I'm late this morning, but what are you all up to? How will you be awesome this week?

March Bingo - Howzzit?

march bingo banner

We're over a week into March (how'd that happen?) so how's Bingo working out for everyone?

We've got more people playing than ever before, people still signing up even today! I've still yet to choose a card or decide I'm playing (because between work, WIP's and a writers block I'm sort of out of sorts with everything at the moment) and we've got people already announcing completed Bingo's!

So how is everyone doing? Anyone need help, advice, cheerleading, a kick up the proverbial butt?  I've had people message me with questions and help for prompts and honestly if I can help I will.   As I keep telling people the prompts can be interpreted however you want, there is no wrong or right way to play!

You can use this post as a chance to squeeeeee, complain, mope, be silly, ask for help, bury your head in the sand or even just clock in with how you're doing so far.  I'll be posting a catch up post the next couple of weeks to try and help people keep focused on Bingo completions.

Word Race Results!

We didn't have a huge turn out, but I do feel that the whole of the weekend was a lot of flailing so, I'm thrilled that we broke 10K! YAY US!!!

Now the results:

Together we wrote 10,856 WORDS/86 graphics with only 8 people posting counts! It's pretty impressive!

Overall winner is seshat0120, with a total word count of 3, and a graphic count of 44!

I shall write you a fic my dear! I'm guessing SG1 gen fic?

Daily winners were predominantly seshat0120, however fairyniamh did have the most images on Friday, and I managed the most words on Saturday. Dear Fairy, I know you don't want rewards, but my word count is pathetic and if I tell myself it's a reward it will push me more so there will be a Sterek credited to you.

I'm thinking that for a weekend chock full of OMG! The regular people can't do this and we need to get it covered! WE DID PRETTY DAMN GOOD!