March 6th, 2014

Brain million

Word Race for Glory!

It's that time again, but our typical pack leader has just become an aunt, so I'm in charge! Bwahahahahahaha. *ahem* Congrats witchyemerald!!!

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Now we all know that there's no way most of you competing won't beat me, therefore I'll just be holding the starters gun and awarding medals!

Race will run Friday through Sunday, your time. Report your totals!. Daily winners will get at least a drabble, overall winner will get a bit more (because I need to make some words too)!

Who's in?

durin family feels

bingo blackout

It's that time of year again, when I start spamming your flist with all of my bingo cards. I am sorry.

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2,967 words this time. Actually, all of them (plus one from my next card) are in the Tolkien/Hunger Games crossover verse I started last month, so there you go!

The Penguin Exhibit

I just realized that this was supposed to be more humor than anything.

It really isn't. It's more part angst. I don't even know if there is any humor. Sorry, it's my muse these days. And the zoo idea just kind of came from a post on tumblr when the first Star Trek Into Darkness trailer came out (I remember living off that trailer for months before the movie came out. Oh yeah)

But, for the Crack Me Up! Challenge, since I did it wrong anyway, lol, here is my 2769 words long fanfic about Kirk and Spock at the Zoo. Which I guess the Challenge inspired me, so... oh well. I might try again if I have the energy. I have too many projects to get onto writing this month, and feel very behind. With school and working almost every single day, I'm going a bit stir crazy! So, without further ADO:

Title:The Penguin Exhibit
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Rating: G
Word count: 2769
Summary: Kirk and Spock go to the Zoo. Don't expect anything to work out in Jim's favor.
Author's note: There is some major spoilers for Star Trek Into Darkness. Otherwise, it's pretty harmless. Cute, fluffy, and some mild angst. No huge warnings apply.
beauty and the beast

Weekend Challenge: Everybody Sing!


The idea for this weekend challenge came from my accomplice associate enabler good friend bluedelft, who by-the-by will also be your graphic rewarder! Yay bluedelft!!!

I asked her what she'd like to see as a challenge and she said Broadway Musicals! Okay then - Broadway Musicals it is!! (I'm not much of a fan myself but I can Google with the best of them!)
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As always, words and graphics are loved and rewarded!

Since I've disabled the comments, feel free to email me at tkeylasunset at yahoo dot com with any questions or concerns or offers for vacations to Hawaii.

Thank you and good night!