March 3rd, 2014



And' I'm home sick with a feverish cold, which is why this is so late. *sigh*

It's an amazing Monday! And do you know why? Well, let me tell you some of the 2.8 million reasons why. 2.8 million!!! I'm still squeeing! How wonderful is that? We are over 300 THOUSAND ahead of where we need to be to make 15 mil this year (Which, of course, means I'm upping the goal in my head)! It's so exciting.

And again, I need to address what a tremendous group we have here. In our struggle to keep up with you all, the YAY YOU or Thanks may seem mass produced, but please know that there is an overabundance of pride every time someone says Look what I did and an immense amount of gratitude every time we read a Go you! This really is such an amazing place because of all that each of you put into it.

And the Torchwood Squee was wonderful! Thanks to haldoor, hanorganaas, and thtwzjustadream for hosting such a great week!

Big thanks to csichick_2 for having a great crossover month!!! I have to find time to read through more things!

I'm hoping to spam you some today, but that depends on how the brain works with the cold meds. Ah well.

So what are your big amazing plans to top last week?
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Birthdays for March!

Here we are; it's a new month, and we have more birthdays to celebrate... or should I say, just one so far for March! One of our favourite graphic-makers is having a big day this month, so get your ideas together and start work on something for bluedelft now, and have it ready for the 12th!

Blue is looking for something along these lines:

Types of gifts she'd like (Words, icons, banners, wallpapers, etc): Any of them would be great!
Main fandoms: H50, Stargate Atlantis, Sleepy Hollow, Castle
Genre/style, subject etc: Guess it's easier to say that I'm not really into slash.
Prompts and/or special requests: Whatever the fic writer or graphic maker would like to write/make. I do love the carguments on H50. I'm a Danno fan and a McKay fan.

I'll post again on Blue's actual birthday (probably in NZ time, which is ahead of most people, so you will have a good 48 hours of birthday time to get your creations up!) so you can add your creations or a link and to wish our wonderful Blue a happy day in one place, to make it easier all around! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

PS: as I know we have several new members since the beginning of this year when I called for people to join in with the Birthday Challenge, please come on along and join up here if you haven't and would like to - there is more info in that post about what it's all about too, so don't be shy! ;-)