February 5th, 2014


A to Z Challenge - Letter C

I asked you guys to go bananas for B and you did! Above and beyond guys! I am going to have to take a reading day, because you guys are rocking this challenge! And if you missed it, you can always go back.

So now it's time to go

Crazy for the Letter C

1. Each post is either a hundred words or more/ or you can make a graphic/art
2. You choose the topic! As long as it starts with that week’s letter.
3. Post on your Journal, on your AO3, on your body if you dare - as long as you link the post with a word count in that week’s post.
Hawaii Five 0::team::Ohana

Word of the Day 2/5/14 Extempore

Extempore (adverb, adjective)
ex·tem·po·re [ik-stem-puh-ree]

1. on the spur of the moment; without premeditation or preparation; offhand: Questions were asked extempore from the floor.
2. without notes: to speak extempore.
3. (of musical performance) by improvisation.

4. extemporaneous; impromptu.

4. See extemporaneous.

Origin: 1545–55; < Latin: literally, out of the time, at the moment, equivalent to ex out of (see ex-1 ) + tempore the time (ablative singular of tempus )

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Upcoming Word War Tomorrow!


This is just an announcement that I will be holding another word war tomorrow evening.


9 PM Eastern

10 PM Eastern

I'll run the word wars in 30-minutes increments. We also have a chat room called One Million Words where the wars will be run. Click on the link below:


Password: a11th3words

Even if you don't join us in chat, please feel free to write at your convenience and share your word war totals here. We will sprinkle you with kudos!
Star Wars: Leia w/ Crown

CROSSOVER #1: Capture (Katniss Everden/Sam Winchester)

Did I mention Crossovers are my second favorite thing besides Rare pairs? I already got a slew of fics on the way! I thought I would start mine with one of my favorite couples I RPED

Title Capture [1/1]
Author hanorganaas
Fandom The Hunger Games/Supernatural
Rating PG
Pairing Katniss Everdeen/Sam Winchester
Summary Sam observes as Katniss catches a Wendigo
Warnings None
Disclaimer I do not own any of the characters in this fic, this event is just a part of my imagination
Notes: For the A-Z challenge using the letter "C" and for the crossover challenge. Takes place in an Alternate Universe where Katniss lived in the modern United States (along with various other Characters from the Series) and hunts supernatural creatures like the Winchesters (It's a series I plan to get under motion one day). Please note....Katniss is 23 in this Series instead of 16.

Looky here