January 6th, 2014

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It's Monday and the mods are spamming you!

Is it just me, or was this last week almost a month long. It actually feels like forever since I told you how awesome you are! How can it be just a week?

Ten million words, people! TEN MILLION! WOW doesn't even begin to cover it! And did you see all the hustling last Monday and Tuesday to pull it off? If there were every any doubt of how awesome we all are let it be vanished now!

And that rush from ACTUALLY MAKING OUR RIDICULOUS GOAL has carried over into the new month bringing along a plethora of new words! Oh, I like that: NEW YEAR NEW WORDS!

At the moment our new goal is 15 million. As ever we are fluid and I've noticed that we flood as well, so I fully expect to be upping that goal over the course of the year. I'm already excited to count January!

Thank you to everyone who gave us suggestions for what to do this year. Everything is being implemented. Seriously, everything. You will notice new things started up last week, there will be more starting this week. Not everything will happen every day, but over the course of the month you should see almost all of it. As soon as I hear back from a few more people who volunteered, I'll post our rough schedule.

Our challenge this month is Rare Pairs, what are your big plans for that? Have you started your fic? Searched for images for your graphic? What are your big plans for awesome this week?
Big buddy
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Big Buddy 20% January

We are 20% through the month of January people. Are you 20% through your pledge?

27 people participating this month (wonderful number!) with a total pledge of 171,424 written words and 235 graphic words which works together to be 406,424 more words for us! And and edit. Today we should be at 34,285 written and 47 graphic for 81,285.

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Round Robin for H50?

In response to the meme I remembered writing a round robin story for another comm a long time ago. Has this comm ever done one? I'm guessing yes since there is a tag for it. Does anybody have any interest in doing one? It's a fun way to get those creative juices going.

For those who don't know what it is, a couple of people get together & write a story together. Each author writes a "chapter" the first person gets to start it off and then everybody follows along in their assigned order. As you write after the person before you, you have to make the story fit together but you can make it take a crazy U-turn if you chose. It works best if you have more than 5 but less than 20 authors.

The group agrees on the minimum contribution; I think it was 1,000 words last time I did this but it can be anything. The group also agrees on how much time each author has to write his/her portion of the story. Once the group is set we publish a calendar schedule so each author knows when he/she needs to step up. Last time I did this it was about 1 week; if you're late, everybody gets pushed back 1 week so that the later people don't have to switch days of the week in their own heads. For example if you are supposed to be the 5th Monday but aren't done, let everybody after you know then the next person would be the 7th Monday rather than the 6th. Finally, the group agrees whether the chapters will be published when written or if the whole piece will be held until completion. Each chapter can be any rating but the highest rating is the one that is disclosed to world at large so 1 author can write an all ages piece but the next chapter can be explicit. It's also helpful if the people involved agree to beta for each other.
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Monday Madness: Original Fic

Hi everyone! *waves* It's Monday, and one of our new features this year is something I have decided to call Monday Madness! I haven't even discussed the name with our fearless leader, kaige68, but I'm sure she'll let me run with the title. What's happening with this is that four alternate Mondays will be devoted to Original Fic, Pimps, Recs or Coming Attractions. All will be explained as each of those four subjects come up. Kaige is taking Pimps and Coming Attractions, and I'm doing Original Fic and Recs. I'm starting off with Original Fic, so if that's your thing, or you're the least bit curious, jump under the cut Collapse )
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Meme time!

Given that it's a New Year and we have had quite a few new members joining recently, kaige68 and I decided it was time for a NEW MEME! We started the comm with one and we ran it again halfway through last year, but this time it comes with ALL NEW QUESTIONS ALL THE TIME... okay, well some new questions and some old ones. I cut a few and added a few different ones, some random, some just curious, mainly because I'm odd like that. ;-)

And newbies, don't be shy! Please tell us about you; we are happy to welcome you to the comm, and we want you to meet people, make friends, join in with the fun! The rest of you... those who have been with us all the way, or those who joined in along the months of 2013, please fill in the meme again! I have such a bad memory, I probably won't even notice if you copy what you said last time, but if you want to check I'm taking it in, make up new answers! Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!

Here we go!

About you
Name: What you’d like us to call you
What is your Creativity Goal this year? Written or image count
Where in the world are you? Just in general; we probably won't jump on an aeroplane to track you down
Favourite comm/s: Other than us
Gen, Het, or Slash?
Beach or Mountains?
Meat or Veges?
Are you fluent/knowledgeable/can you order beer in any other language?
If you had to write a story/post a graphic in another language what would it be?
Besides food, air, and water, list 5 things you can't live without:
Creativity portion of the meme
Where do you write/graphic? (Physical location of you)
Where do you write/graphic? (Type of program, paper, machine used)
Is there a time of day/week that you are at your most productive?
Do you have a muse/voices/imaginary friends that help? What are their names?
What new creative thing/s do you want to try?
Do you co-write? Who with? Who would you love to co-write with?
Random section
Favourite Food:
Favourite time to sleep:
Top or bottom? Maybe you like switching?
Have you ever had a food fight?
Least Favourite Day of the week and why:
This time we have First/Best TV/Movie portion
First TV show/s you fangirl/fanboyed:
First TV crush:
First TV OTP:
First onscreen kiss that made you go OMG! YES!:
Favourite TV/Movie line you use ALL THE TIME:

In a wee box for you to copy:

And that's probably enough to be going on with! Come on down! ;-)