a geek in such the wrong way (haldoor) wrote in 1_million_words,
a geek in such the wrong way

Weekend Challenge: Two Bags Full

Hi, there!  Dreamy here -- Haldoor is helping me out, posting this weekend's challenge on my behalf. What I've got lined up for you are two bags full of prompts. One of them holds a long list of "three things" prompts, and the other is chock full of scenarios - some lighter, some edgy, so luck of the draw.....

To play, just comment to say you're in and I'll deliver a set of three things" and a scenario.  Use them together, or use any one part of the prompts  alone- however they inspire. I think I have plenty to dole out a second one, if the first does nothing for you.

Post back here again with 200 words or more before 11:59pm Sunday US Eastern, and I'll make you icons, write you a ficlet, or put 200+ words on a WIP. 

Happy weekend!

Tags: weekend: challenge
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