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Rewards Offered!

This post is for people to list what rewards they can offer for challenges, and any other thing where you might like to link others to fandoms/areas you create in (and replaces the previous rewards post linked at the top left of the comm). Please PM me if you need help providing a link to your specific comment that you place here.

Please add a comment here and, as I won't reply to any comments, you should be able to edit your own comment at any time. If you can't edit, then just another comment to your own one to amend or add info to your list.

Initially this started out with the Weekend Challenge rewards, but feel free to use it for any other challenge rewards if you haven't already described something challenge-specific in the notes/rules of a particular challenge. Not every challenge needs a reward, but remember that offering them can add to your own word-count, so it's win-win all around! ;-)

Note to rewarders:

If you promise a reward, please do your best to provide it in a timely manner or if it's coming a bit slow, please let your rewardee know you're on to it. If you're having issues providing any of your rewards, your mods are happy to organise someone else to give it a go, or you can discuss with another member that you know might be able to fulfil the reward.

Note to challengers:

The handling of rewards is up to the rewarders, which means they may state they will only offer certain things that they feel comfortable doing, or they may ask for your input to your reward. If you ask for something they aren't able to provide, they or your mods will find someone else to offer something in it's place if you can't come to a mutual agreement. It's not supposed to be a big deal, but we do want to fulfil promises! And by the same token, if you don't want a reward, that's perfectly okay too, so don't be afraid to just say so, or to suggest your rewarder adds to a WIP.

Use the following text format if it works for you, but freeform comments are fine too:

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