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Beta Readers Post

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the new post for beta-readers.

If you are available to beta fic for others, this is the place to comment with a note of what you're happy to help with, for example: fandom, a read-thru for basic errors, grammar/spelling/punctuation, Brit-picking (or other cultures), characterisation, plot, etc. I won't reply to your comments, then if you wish to edit/add to anything, you can do this at any time.

Anyone looking for a beta can refer to this post (which now replaces the old link at the top left of the comm) and PM any of the commenters if they see one who is offering something that matches their need.

It's okay for a beta to say no if they're busy or feel unable to help someone. For those of you here looking for beta help, you can always try someone else on the list if your first choice is unable to beta for you.

Remember, a beta is trying to help make a story better; they're not meant to be criticising the writer. Every suggestion to alter the story in any way is simply a SUGGESTION and the writer can accept or disregard that suggestion as they see fit. If you can't take concrit, be sure to tell the beta exactly what it is you want from their help before you get started. And betas, if a writer doesn't take your suggestions, don't take it to heart; it's their story and their choice what they use or don't use of your concrit.

You all know this comm. by now, and how we like to encourage our members; so please remember that if you can't be pleasant, please bow out nicely - from either end is acceptable - and that should be the end of it. Your mods are here if there are any issues, but if you remember to treat others as you would like to be treated, then we shouldn't have to be involved.

Thanks, guys, and let's get some beta-reading done!
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