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Create a TV Show: Women In Blue

(I created this one a few weeks back for a tv_universe challenge. It somehow made the Top 25 of LJ posts for the day yet only my sweetheart dared say anything!)

Women In Blue

The crime rate in the city where Captain Marjorie "Major" Phillips grew up has been escalating every year for as long as she can remember. She knows her own father is a big part of the reason why so much has gone so wrong for so long. Her own family suffered at his hands, but her history teacher was right. History is written by the winners, who hide the truths they want and present the falsehoods they desire to tell to be real. Governments, including city governments, are also controlled by money, and so the people who have the most money are the ones who make the laws. They get to do what they want while everybody else around them who are not a part of their group suffer.

Major's also been determined to change the way things are done since she was a little girl, enduring her father's abuse and watching her siblings suffer as well because of him. She worked hard to bring to light the truths about the kind of man he was, but nobody ever believed her. When she got lucky and a criminal gunned her father down before her, she and a friend, her father's own former partner, worked together to hide the truth. It's the one time Marjorie's broken the law and hid from the consequences.

The whole city mourned her father, or so it appeared. Major continued to work hard to bring justice to her city and take down criminals. Eventually, she managed to become the Captain. Now she's filling her police force with good, honest cops, especially women and people who walk a different but truthful line and have suffered because of their honesty and good natures.

But each of Major's well trusted people have their own histories, their own harsh background stories, and their own heartaches. Each brings a different aspect to the force, but each also brings a different secret. The new crime statistics have just been announced, and for the first time in ten decades, they're less than they were the previous years. It's only a small margin, but it's a margin worth celebrating by Major and her people.

The thing is: The threats aren't over. They never will be for no matter how criminals they put behind bars, there are still more coming. There will always be people who think they can derive power from hurting and controlling others. If Major's ever going to thoroughly clean up her city, she needs all her people to come together, and that's more than a little difficulty when there are trust issues among her own team. Even she herself still hasn't earned everybody's trust.

Can her people learn to put aside their pasts and the issues they have trusting others because of them to work together? Can she ever bring to light everything her father did? Is it even worth trying any longer? Can she unite a broken police force, weed out the bad element, and make her team completely whole and trustworthy again? Can broken hearts be mended? Can the present ever make up for the past? Are they going to be able to keep improving the crime stats? Will they ever clean her city? The only way they can is by first trusting each other, but they've still got such a long way to go . . .

Captain Marjorie "Major" Phillips
Played By: Angela Bassett

Rumors abounded about Marjorie Phillips long before she ever joined the police force. This is, in part, due to her father being the Police Captain for several decades. Those who didn't think Marjorie was simply following in her daddy's footsteps doubted she could ever be a decent cop; those who did believe she was following her father still didn't believe she could be half the Captain he was.

What almost no one knew was that the previous Captain Phillips was not the man he pretended to be. Well liked by his co-workers and nearly every influential person in the city, Marjorie's father was a very cruel, heartless according to her, man behind doors. He abused his children in every way possible while their mother, to hooked up on the dope he provided her, never so much as blinked an eye at everything he did to their children. Few eyebrows were raised even when he beat Marjorie's little brother into unconscious submission and the child never woke again. Phillips always knew what palms to slick to keep his secrets buried while his eldest daughter grew up determined to stop him.

Marjorie's resolve to stop her father grew as she did, and as she experienced one tragedy after another. She lost her brother to her father, her mother and one little sister to the drugs that were so easily accessed at their home, and her little sister to suicide. She was beginning to wonder if she'd ever find a way to stop her father when a criminal took him out. Marjorie looked the other way, letting the criminal escape, but neither her decision or her motives were missed by her father's former partner -- who proved to also have been trying to take down the corrupt Captain from inside the ranks and close to her father.

That man has since left the police force while Marjorie has built her career, eventually succeeding her father while still working to right all the wrongs he made throughout the city. She's determined to use her position to help every person she can, often walking the streets undercover just to determine exactly who needs her help the most and when, and filling her team with as many kickass women as she can, each with their own hardship and their own reason to prove that the Women in Blue can get the job done.

Detective Ogin Smith
Played By: Carmen Moore

Detective Ogin Smith is a bit of mystery to the other cops on the force, and nearly as many rumors as surround her Captain always surround the Native American. Nobody knows the real reason why she left her tribe, because Ogin doesn't talk much. She's a nice person and friendly enough, but nobody's earned her trust enough for her to tell her back story yet.

She's disgusted by her own people and their modern ways. She grew up with her large family working a casino, and even as a small child, saw first hand how greedy human beings are and how they'll stop at nothing to get a score or a quick fix, whether the score they're craving is a jackpot, another fortune, somebody else's spouse, drugs, or power. She saw a little bit of it all working in the casino before she was even legally old enough to work, and as soon as she had managed to squirrel away enough money into her private stash and was old enough, she left for the Police Academy.

She doesn't approve of her people's modern ways, but she also doesn't embrace the old ways. Her great great grandmother was a medicine woman. Ogin remembers her vaguely from her childhood and still dreams about her to this day. She has started having both animals and spirits come to speak with her and secretly fears for her own sanity but still refuses to seek help, to talk to others about the true matters that bother her, or embrace her ancestors' ways.

She likes to cook and sing when upset, is a regular on karaoke night at a local bar despite having great disdain for the other happenings at the bar, and often brings treats to work because she's constantly overcooking (having been used to cooking for a large family). She dreams often of her ancestors and of her people's times before the white man first invaded. Sometimes, answers to her case or at least leads come to her in her dreams. Ogin has many gifts of which she is not yet aware, one of these being that some of these dreams she has are not dreams but resurfacing memories of her previous life as Pocahontas.

Mary Ciar
Played By: Eliza Dushku

Mary's mother died from drugs when she was too little to remember her. She was raised by her father who, despite being alcoholic and their fights often even resulting in physical blows, she loved. He drank because of the things he'd seen while on the force, the same things that led him to later quit the force and eventually be killed by a corrupt officer. The whole city wanted to turn a blind eye to the murder of Mary's father, but she worked hard, even joining the Police Academy and later the force itself, to solve his murder all by herself.

Mary had had plans to quit the force after solving her father's murder and bringing his killer to justice, but along the way, she fell in love with her partner and also became deeply devoted to her Captain, Marjorie "Major" Phillips. Captain Phillips was the one who helped her to finally put her father's murderer behind bars, was there for her when her own partner was killed, and kept Mary from killing the man who killed her wife. This wound is still fresh in Mary, and Major keeps a close eye on her, worrying that her best officer may yet have a break down or, worse, take justice into her own hands.

Adora Beamer and her K9 Partner, Brave
Adora Played By: Brooke Nevin

Nobody thinks the rookie, Adora, or her canine partner,a fellow rookie, are going to make it, but she's determined to prove them all wrong. She looks too fresh faced, too innocent, and her fellow officers don't think she's got what it takes to bring down the criminals or deal with the cruelties they see every day.

The few who know her back story aren't helped in their belief that she'll fail because of her wholesome, Christian family background. Her father's a Preacher, and both her parents are as clean and good as they come. Adora's an only child and is been doted on her entire life.

But she's also seen the down-trodden. She's seen the pain in other people's hearts, faces, and lives. She's had friends from all walks of life and has seen up close the abuse they endure for their beliefs, regardless of rather they're Lesbian, gay, bisexual, Islamic, Satanist, or even just African American. The world is made up of different people who are different because they are the way God made them. Adora knows this -- she likes it even --, but she also knows that people prey on people who are different and each difference is a vulnerability.

She's volunteered since she was a young child, barely old enough to help, in homeless shelters and animal rescue organizations. She's seen animals and children, women too, who have been hurt just because their abusers feel like they get a sick sense of power out of hurting these innocents. She knows God's people are no longer God's people. Humanity is indeed a cancer, but it's because humans are becoming increasingly less humane. We are not what God created us to be.

Hate is rapidly replacing love across the country, and although Adora knows she and her partner are just one small woman and dog in the eye of so many, she's determined to do whatever small amount she can to protect those who truly do belong to God, both His humans and His animals, all His children. No matter what anybody else thinks of her capabilities or her beliefs, she knows she's on the right path, and she's not about to give up!

Gabriella Lopez
Played By: Eva Longoria

Gabriella grew up on the proverbial wrong side of the tracks but was doing quite well for herself, indulging in just a little bit of alcohol and drugs and selling her body willingly until the night she walked in and found her pimp, a man she'd thought she could trust as well as any man in the 'hood could be trusted, molesting girls who reminded her of her little sister, who had been killed years before in a drive-by shooting. With a scream of rage and tears flowing down her cheeks, Gabriella attacked, knifing her pimp in the groin, grabbing the children, and fighting for their way out of the 'hood. She made it through no small miracle and took herself and the girls to the convent that also ran the orphanage where she and her sister grew up.

Gabriella got herself clean and tried to be happy at the convent. She honestly didn't miss the sex all that much, but she couldn't turn a blind eye to what she knew was still happening out on the streets. She began to take the law in her own hands and was doing rather well, saving lives here and there, stopping what crimes she could, until she started having run-ins with an old cop. He told her she needed to go straight, earn a badge if she was going to fight on the right side, and do so legally.

They argued but kept ending up working together until the night Gabriella's former pimp showed up unexpectedly. Her new friend took the bullet that was intended for her. His dying wish was that she would go legit, so she made a citizen's arrest of the pimp, took him in, and joined the Academy. In trying to figure out what had made her friend become the man he was and also in part due to her curiosity over why nobody dared speak of him whenever she mentioned his name, Gabriella found his old residence, which he had never sold, broke into it, and explored his files.

She found several old cases and has been working to solve them, but the biggest file of all is also the greatest mystery of all: Her friend, Patrick O'Connor, was the partner of the former Police Captain himself, a man who he'd witnessed do all sorts of bad deals and who he had been working to bring down before finally having his badge stripped (in between the time the first Captain Phillips was killed and the time his daughter became Captain). Now Gabriella knows about the first Captain Phillips and knows what happened to her friend, but she doesn't know if her own Captain is to be trusted or not. She's watching everything Major does, waiting for a chance to determine if she really knows the woman after all or if Marjorie is merely her father's daughter and into the same, old black market games her father had been -- in which case, in her friend's honor, Gabriella will pull the woman down.

Gabriella and Mary have recently become partners after Mary returned to the force pending her grieving period for her wife and Gabriella's first partner moved away and transferred to another force.

Patrick O'Connor
Played By: Dan Aykroyd

Patrick O'Connor is a man seen only in flashbacks, but he's an important character nonetheless. He's the man who tried and kept failing to put his own partner behind bars where he belonged, only learning to get quiet when his partner was rewarded with a promotion to Captain and Patrick's new, young partner was killed in a mysterious accident. He got quiet, but he didn't give up -- ever.

He helped Phillips' daughter to uncover the truth about her father, and when a criminal got in what they both claimed was a lucky shot, he helped her to cover up their tracks. He was her first hand man, and they trusted each other more than they had ever trusted her father. But the Captain who took the reins after Major's father was still very much in love with the idea of a man who was as good as the whole city seemed to believe Captain Phillips had been. He quickly found a way to shut Patrick out of the force and strip him of his police badge.

Marjorie wanted to come clean and tell the entire truth about her father and what had happened, including his death, but Patrick talked her out of it, telling the sad-eyed woman that if they did so, they would both lose their jobs and her father would still win. He made her promise she'd never tell another soul what they had seen or did and that she'd keep working to improve the police force there in the city before he left.

All the way across the country, Patrick finally found a new place for him and managed to get a second chance at being a cop. It was a bad neighborhood, and more than half the cops on that force were crooked too, but he was determined to help those who needed his help. Working the beat late one night, he came across a beautiful woman kicking the mess out of a couple of pimps and drug dealers. He arrested them and stopped her from beating the life out of them but let her go with a warning.

That was the beginning of his friendship with Gabriella, who he eventually sent to join Major up North to continue the good fight. Now both women think of him daily. Both consider what his advise would be to them in their current cases and how he would handle matters. Both look up to him, but neither knows the other's true story or rather or not they can trust each other.

Brian Adams
Played By: Michael Rosenbaum

Brian is another whose parents influenced his entire life, but again, not in a good way. His family is known for being one of the wealthiest families across the nation, spurring rumors and complaints the moment his addition to the team was announced. He's not his daddy's good, little boy, however, having had issues with his father for as long as he can remember. His daddy turned a blind eye when his older brother was caught in a place he shouldn't have been and seen with a Congressman who he thought loved him but was only using him for a nightly fix. His father arranged his own son's murder in order to keep his favorite Congressman happy and his tool influential in the White House.

What he didn't know was that his brother was talking to Brian on his cell phone when the first shots were fired. He didn't know his younger son heard his brother's dying cries or answered his final plea to tell Damien Lorde that he loved him and not to worry about the election, that America loved him like he loved him. Brian had no clue what had really happened until he tried to go to Congressman Lorde. Finding his way blocked with every possible turn, Brian finally shouted out to him that his brother loved him. Lorde panicked. Brian was arrested and later released with help from Captain Phillips, who was determined they couldn't hold a boy who had done no real harm.

It was she who told him to be wary of his father and the Congressman. Brian went home and acted like everything was okay when questioned by his parents. For months, he spent every moment they were away digging all the files he could find throughout his home and acting like everything was normal when they were with him. Finally making a copy of everything he could find, he went back to Major, and she, sadly, explained to him that they were going to have to do a lot more than paperwork to bring his father down. Determined to see his brother's murderers brought to justice, Brian joined the Academy.

He's been on the force for only a few months when Adora and her canine partner joins in the newest wave of recruits from the Academy. He's interested in the new K9 unit, and in the new cop, but right now, he's partnered with Ogin, who remains both a mystery and very distrusting of the white man with whom she's been placed.

Fei Lee
Played By: Kelly Hu

Fei Lee grew up in the back part of her parents' restaurant. The small restaurant in a bad part of the city, and she watched many bad people walk in and out of her parents' lives, constantly fearing for their safety. Her mother always told her they would be fine but that she had named her Fei because she wanted her to be able to take wing and fly away from their troubled existence.

Fei Lee wanted to do more with her life and for her family, but it seemed like the only jobs her people were given were in action movies, teaching karate, and Chinese restaurants. It was when she walked in one afternoon to catch two drug dealers threatening her parents that Fei decided to become a cop. She sent the dealers running with a few karate moves, but her parents refused to call the police, saying only more trouble would come. Fei was disgusted when they apologized to the dealers' boss, and even more distraught when Captain Phillips (the First) claimed there was little the police could do until her parents were willing to file a complaint and that she, being a minor, could not legally file a complaint on their behalf.

Shortly thereafter, the restaurant was caught on fire, and her family had to move in to another restaurant, this one run by her mother's older brother, in another city. Fei Lee stayed true to the promise she'd made that one evening, however, and returned to the city of her birth shortly after graduating from the Academy. Ever since, she's been working hard to put a stop to the illegal drug market in her city.

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