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Create a TV Show: Paradisum Sanctum

In mad and violent modern times, a powerful force gathers together a group of Supernatural beings to offer the Supernatural community a new form of hope. A town is built, its leaders, doctors, healers, Scientists, teachers, even librarian all members of the Supernatural community. Here they will be protected at last from the normal people who have hunted down and persecuted their kind since almost the very beginning when man first stole fire from the giants. Once safe from humankind, however, they find other dangers among their own people: diseases they don't understand, traitors and thieves among their own people, and for some, violent tendencies raging out of control. Will the Sorceress who started it all be able to contain her people, or will Paradisum crumple around them from their own actions? Tune in to find out!

Maggie Q as Kyna Chan

Kyna Chan has lived for millennia, and through millennia, she has seen the hatred of humans grow increasingly worse. Every time she's thought mankind deserved a chance, they have let her down again. She has seen human hands tear apart animals and Supernatural beings, seen parents shove away their children when their own flesh and blood developed powers, seen humans, time after time, strike out against those they do not understand and thereby fear. Now, at last, she thinks she's found an answer to keep safe the various Supernatural races who are being steadily hunted down to extinction in the form of building their very own town in a place so completely rural and wooden that it's one of the few across the globe that man hasn't reached yet.

Kyna is very powerful, and her magic very old. The only way to kill her is to severe her head from her body and completely destroy the head before it can reconnect with her body. Yet, as powerful as she is, her heart has been her undoing time after time. She's loved two men, built a family with one, and then witnessed that family and her husband torn apart by the first man she loved and lost when he was turned into a Vampire. She fears her former lover will follow her even here to Paradisum, and she is right to have that fear as time will surely tell.

Meghan Ory as Doctor Ola LaBelle

Doctor Ola LaBelle comes from a mother with Fae blood in her veins and a human father Ola never knew. Her mother's father destroyed her own father for daring to mate with her mother and completely shunned Ola's mother and herself from their clan. When she was a child, Ola's mother was constantly moving them around from one country to the next, always looking for the next great love of her life and the next adventure, always moving before humans could find them and destroy them. Ola didn't hate the humans -- after all, her father was one and genuinely loved her --, but she understood well that they were to be feared.

Ola's mother never stayed in one place for long until she had a second child. This one inherited his father's Werewolf genes, but his mother and sister worked with him to help him control the wolf's instincts. Ola's first heartbreaks came when her half brother's father's pack found them again. Her mother had been taken by her Werewolf lover by force, succeeding in freeing herself and killing him only after it was too late and she was left with child. Seeing her mother destroyed in an act of revenge set Ola's brother loose at the same time humans were flocking to the fight with pitchforks and torches. The Werewolves and humans tore each other apart while the two children hid and cowered, Ola having talked down her brother's wolf, and watched it all.

One lone wolf limped away to tell the tale while all the others, on both sides, were destroyed. Ola took care of her brother for years after that. They were each other's only confidences, only friends, only family left -- until a human hunter discovered her brother, in his Werewolf form, roaming the forest. The wolf was harming nothing, but the hunter killed him for his pelt. When Ola reached his side, her brother was already dead and reverted back to his human form while the hunter still crowed with pride and his pelt over his fallen body.

Ola screamed and lashed out at the hunter. He would have taken her as surely as her mother had been taken before if not for a Sheriff who was also in the woods looking for a lost child that snowy night. He saved Ola's life, arrested the hunter for the boy's murder, and took Ola to a church for safe keeping for a while. She helped him to find the child for whom he'd been searching, a single mother's only child. The little girl had been taken away by Fairies who did not wish to give her up until Ola persuaded them to listen to the child's heartbroken cries. The girl was freed, but so, too, would be the hunter when his jury decided that there was not enough evidence to convict him. (After all, they scarcely believed the pelt had come from the boy.)

When Ola learned her brother's killer would be being turned loose, she left. She is a being of peace, as Fairies are intended to be, and not a killer. However, suffering these events had set the stone for what Ola would strive to be her entire life. Ever since that day, she's been helping every being she comes across who needs her help, even going as far as to settle in France, her favorite city, for a while to study and become a Psychiatrist specializing in Supernatural beings. She's found many, including her dearest client who reminds her, sometimes too much, of her deceased brother who comes with her to the new homestead. She is determined to help Brendan, as she has all her previous clients, find the peace he so dearly needs.

Her Fairy blood helps to keep her looking young and irresistible to men, and some women too!

Brendan Fraser as Doctor Brendan Ricahrds

Doctor Brendan Richards holds that title because his family has always found the medical field to be an easy way to get the blood, other organs, and human bodies upon which they like to dine. Unlike the rest of his family, however, Brendan's determined to be good and has always fought to keep from surrendering to his inner wolf. His family tried for years to beat him into submitting and becoming one of them, even going so far as to kill every human friend he ever had while he was forced to stay with them and not only killing his pet goldfish but placing its skeleton in Brendan's mouth while he slept, convincing the poor lad that he had killed his own pet. He feels the only hope he has of not becoming what his family still wants him to be is Doctor Ola LaBelle, and he would follow her anywhere, including to a new town with the daunting task set ahead of him of being their only doctor.

Kimberly J. Brown as Doctor Catalina Tregarde and Night

Doctor Catalina Tregarde is a Witch who distrusts humans nearly as strongly as Kyna Chan does. Her goal in life isn't to save the Supernatural beings they persecute, however, but to save those who absolutely can not talk for, and can do very little to defend, themselves: animals. Her familiar is a black panther, Night, with whom she shares a very special bond.

After graduating from college with a veterinarian degree to be able to help animals as greatly as possible, Catalina invested the rest of her family's savings into her own shop. Her vet practice was in the back, but in the front was both a pet adoption agency and a book and magic shop. The books she offers aren't just magical tomes; there are literally thousands of them and range over all genres and all publication dates. There are some that predate the discovery of America itself. Cat also has a section set up in front with "pet treats" in the shapes of cupcakes, cookies, and other delectable snacks, which can be eaten by animal or human, as well as a reading area to the side.

Despite all its possibilities, Catalina's shop hasn't been doing well, and when Kyna offers her the chance to move it, along with all her animals, and save other animals as well, Cat takes her up on it without hesitation. Night isn't so sure his human partner is doing the right thing, but he's not able to leave her side, ever, for any reason. As Cat goes, so goes his nation.

Julian McMahon as Michael Colt Sloane

Detective Michael Sloane is better known as Colt in reference of the gun he used throughout his years as a famous Sheriff back in the days of the old Wild West. He would find a troubled town, take over the lawmanship with very little trouble, right things, pick out a new Sheriff, and move on -- until he saw an entire town savagely killed by a group of Vampires. He and Kyna were the only survivors throughout the entire town, but even their combined powers could not stop the Vampires.

It was Kyna who talked his Demon side down after he allowed it full control of his body during the fight, and Kyna to whom he has ever since owed a debt. Now Kyna's come to collect, making Colt Sloane her top detective and her South border detective in her newest mission to find a piece of paradise for troubled souls like theirs.

Antonio Sabato Jr. as Blake Sullivan

Detective Blake Sullivan is a rarity: a Vampire who never let his bloodlust get the better of him. Perhaps it's because he was a cop dating a nurse at the time he was turned and had easy access to blood, keeping him from never actually tasting the fresh blood of a human victim. Perhaps it has something to do with the bright light of his soul that a psychic friend of his mother's rambled about upon seeing Blake when he was a child.

Blake, however, believes it's due to his partner: Michael Colt Sloane was his partner when he was turned. He helped him to overcome his unnatural cravings, to become adjusted to all the changes being a Vampire has taken on him, and to remain in control of his hunger. He helped him, in short, to keep his humanity, and they've been the best of friends ever since.

When Colt tells him he's leaving the police force for a new job, Blake wants in, even though it means moving across the nation. When he learns of the cause behind the new town, he knows he has to be a part of this and offers quickly to become Kyna's West border patrol.

John Cho as Kaycen Lee, Pat Morita as Suoh Lee, and Patricia Ja Lee as Kaida Lee

Suoh Lee is an ancient Chinese Sensei whose family has a proud Dragon lineage. They are able to become dragons of any size with a mere thought and can also breathe fire regardless of what shape they are in. Suoh Lee had a temple in a remote province of China for a long time until thieves broke into his temple. His daughter and her husband successfully fought off the thieves, sending them running back into the village from whence they had come, but the thieves, not wanting to lose face among their guild, told stories that they thought were wild, saying the old man had a dragon defending the place.

When the guild went together, they were about to overpower Lee's daughter until she breathed fire on them. One hit her from behind, knocking her unconscious just as her father and husband arrived upon the scene. At one thief's quippy remark that they had taken out the dragon, the husband, who had been given his power through a soul bonding process with his wife, bellowed, "YOU WANT A DRAGON?", and gave the thieves what they asked for. This scared the thieves and made them run for their lives but proved a fatal mistake when the entire village came for them next.

When the husband and wife were gunned down, the Sensei became lost to his grief. As a dragon bellowing great streams of flame, he chased the villagers out of his home and back into the village but didn't stop there. He tormented them, raking over and over them with flame, picking them off a few at a time, making them tremble before him, even bellowing at his grandchildren when they cried out for him.

It took Kyna arriving on the scene, piecing together the mystery what had happened, and talking to the old Sensei she knew once when he was a young boy (as she had known his parents and their parents before them) in the ancient, Draconian tongue. Once she made him realize that his grandchildren needed him, he breathed one last time upon the village, destroying all those who still remained, and returned to his human form. Kyna asked for nothing for the help she had given him save a favor to be named at a later date. Just recently, she's returned to name that favor: he and his twin grandchildren, Kaida and Kaycen, who are now young adults are to join her and her people in America and be the East border protectors for her new town.

Premiere Episode: Welcome to Paradisum

The story opens with the Lees unpacking and the Sensei and his young grandson arguing. Kaycen is furious that they have been forced to come away from their homeland and into the world of the white people, who have often proven to be more dangerous and more full of hate than their own locals. He is determined to return home while his grandfather is just as determined to keep him with their family. Kaida tries unsuccessfully to make peace.

The argument only escalates when the Sensei says they must leave for the town meeting. He is taking the word of a woman and following her orders, which only serves to infuriate Kaycen all the more. He storms out.

Already, many people have come to Paradisum Sanctum. We, as viewers, are shown a wide variety of people and animals of all sorts. There are people with wings, and those flying without any visible means. There are people with fangs, with fur, with tails, and with forked tongues. There are people of every nationality known to mankind and others with green skin, pink skin, orange skin, and still some others who have scales or fur instead of skin. Kyna is clearly trying to involve every species in the making of this new sanctuary.

Kyna introduces some of her top people to the crowd: Brendan for those who have medical issues, her protectors for those who have issues which may need to be presented to them, and Ola, for those who simply need a caring ear and a good shoulder upon which to cry. She also makes note of Catalina's shop and pet adoption agency whose doors are now open and several other places opening throughout the town. She invites the crowd to come forward with any suggestions or complaints. No one does.

The meeting is coming a close when a child, with tiny, furry ears and who has been persistently tugging on his mother's colorful skirt for some time, finally gains his mother's attention. When she snaps at him, asking why he wants her attention so badly that it can not wait, his cry gains the attention of all those gathered: "But, Mama, there's a dead lizard in forest! And he's a big one too!"

Roars and shouts are heard instantaneously. The camera flashes to Suoh and Kaida, whose faces look almost pale with horror. The girl whispers her brother's name in shock while the Sensei immediately transforms into the dragon and takes flight. Kyna yells out a few orders, then runs after the dragon with Kaida, Colt, and Blake swiftly behind her.

They find Kaycen in the forest, just as the child had said, but he's not dead -- at least not yet. His heartbeat is weak. Colt carries him back to town only after his grandfather and Kyna determine it is okay to move him. Kyna swears to the old Sensei that they will save his grandson, find out who did this, and make it right. Suoh believes her but is still infuriated while Kaida is beginning to openly doubt the woman who has brought them all this far away from their homeland in a strange, new land where already her brother has been nearly killed.

Doctors Tregarde and Richards examine the patient together, because neither is absolutely certain of what they should find. They mix their knowledge of lizards and men and soon determine that Kaycen has been poisoned. They do all they can for him, but their medical knowledge is not enough. They need a healer. Kyna hasn't found one to bring to the town yet, but she knows where one is. They split into teams: Kyna is heading after the healer alone while Blake and Colt check out the townspeople to see if they find any possible suspects, Suoh and Kaida are not about to leave Kaycen's side, Ola's main responsibility is to somehow maintain the peace in the new town's people who are already beginning to show their fears, and Night, Catalina, and Brendan head to the forest to try to deduce what was used to poison Kaycen.

Kyna arrives in a nearby city just in time to interrupt a mob chasing after what appears to be a beautiful woman. She takes the woman's hand, telling her to come with her, and manages to get them both away from the angry mob, complete with pitchforks, torches, and guns. It's when they stop by a lake that the stranger gives Kyna her thanks but tells her she should leave. When Kyna hesitates, she tells her she does not need her pity and that she will hate her, too, if she sees her face. Kyna promises she will not, and the girl drops her hood, obviously in shame as she waits for Kyna's rejection.

"You are beautiful," Kyna tells her.

"No, I am not! Do not lie!" the girl cries. "I have my Father's face!" Indeed, she does. Her father is none other than the King of the Trolls, and she looks just like her dad in the face. Her body, however, takes after her mother's, who was a Fairy. Kyna learns of the war caused between the Troll and Fairy Kingdoms in the area and must find a way to make peace before she can persuade the girl, who announces her name is DeathRose, to come with her.

Once she does, however, she has something to teach DeathRose: Her name may include Death, but her gift is not Death. Her gift is made of love as she heals Kaycen, who shrieks when he sees her and backs quickly away only to be chastised once more by his grandfather and sister. Kaycen is shame-faced when he learns that it is DeathRose who saved him, but she's okay: She suspects that reaction, she tells him for she knows she is ugly. A murmur spreading among the group hushes when Kyna speaks for them all, telling her that she will find only acceptance and love within this town's walls. Even Kaycen feels sorry for the girl and inches closer to her as he tells his story, answering the questions of what happened to him after he ran off.

He was not attacked, but he was hungry. He had found berries to eat and was nibbling them when he passed out. Night roars out at that news, every strand of his jet black fur standing on end. Catalina smirks. "He's calling you an idiot," she explains even as Night takes off running. She chases after him, adding, "And he wants us to follow him."

As it turns out, Kaycen wasn't attacked at all. He was eating the berries of an acokanthera plant, and although its ripe berries are not poisonous, the rest of the plant is. Upon their discovery, his grandfather shakes his head, calling his grandson an idiot in their native tongue, and the two men start arguing again. Once more, Kaida is caught in the middle, but Kyna just smiles. All families argue, she knows, but at least here they have the freedom to argue openly as they wish, and nobody attacked after all. Colt clasps her shoulder, and their shared grin means the same thing: Their almost forgotten dreams of a place they talked about over a century ago are finally starting to happen. A paradise for their people is forming right here around them.

Meanwhile, DeathRose holds out a hand to Night and is moved to tears when he lets her pet him. "He likes you," Catalina speaks softly as she comes closer. "He doesn't let just anybody do that, you know."


The vet shakes her head. "Definitely not. You're a special lady, DeathRose, and a special friend. Welcome to Paradisum Sanctum."

The End
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