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Weekend Challenge: Words of foolishness

Hey everyone! *waves* Saturday is April the First, or April Fool's Day to some of us. I have a foolish husband, in fact - a man born on April Fool's Day! So while my family and I will be out celebrating that with him, I have a choice for you:

Quotes about a fool or fools to inspire your inner idiot (or not!).

Use them in your fic; use them to inspire something foolish, or conversely, wise! It matters not; just find something in it to be creative with!
(I have 30 of these)


Foolish newspaper headlines (i.e. who the heck thought these headlines were a good idea?).

These are real newspaper headlines, (or slightly shortened versions in some cases), and if you can, hit the crack angle on these! If that's not your thing, feel free to use any of the words in your headline in any way you like.
(I have 25 of these)

Give me a number or several and let me know which list (or both!) you want your prompt/s from. I will dole them out as I see the comments! Oh, and if you don't like something I give you - I will warn some of the headlines have sexual innuendo - if you're not comfortable with one of those, I'll happily swap for something less suggestive if you prefer.

Create at least 100 words for an icon of your choosing from yours truly, or go for something over 500 words and I'll try to come up with something bigger - either words, 5 icons or something else of your choosing. Failing that, kick me to write words on one of my many languishing WIPs.

Most of all, have fun! ;-)
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