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Camp NaNoWriMo 1mw cabin

Just a quick reminder for anyone planning to do Camp NaNoWriMo in April:

There are still 3 six slots in the 1_million_words cabin. If you've ever been curious about NaNoWriMo or November just doesn't work for you - this may be just what the wordcounter ordered :)

Camp NaNoWriMo is a "looser" version of NaNoWriMo. You choose/set your own goal - so if 50K in a months seems impossible - no problem - set your goal like you would Big Buddy. Working on a revsion (like me) - set a goal of X number of hours - want to finish a bingo or WIP - or number of short stories - you can... All up to you.

How do I join?

Very important:
1. Sign up at Camp NaNoWriMo (if you have a NaNoWriMo username/password you can use it to login). You need a login at the Camp NaNo page.
2. Create a Project - This is where you set your goal - Name it whatever - you can always edit later - but it won't let me invite you to our cabin without a project.
3. Reply to my original post (I'm tracking it) or send me a PM with your Camp NaNo username once you've completed steps 1 and 2.
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