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Word of the Day 03/10/17 Black

Black (adjective, noun, verb, adverb)
black [blak] (previously 02-20-13)

1. lacking hue and brightness; absorbing light without reflecting any of the rays composing it.
2. characterized by absence of light; enveloped in darkness: a black night.
3. (sometimes initial capital letter)
a. pertaining or belonging to any of the various populations characterized by dark skin pigmentation, specifically the dark-skinned peoples of Africa, Oceania, and Australia.
b. African American.
4. soiled or stained with dirt: That shirt was black within an hour.
5. gloomy; pessimistic; dismal: a black outlook.
6. deliberately; harmful; inexcusable: a black lie.
7. boding ill; sullen or hostile; threatening: black words; black looks.
8. (of coffee or tea) without milk or cream.
9. without any moral quality or goodness; evil; wicked: His black heart has concocted yet another black deed.
10. indicating censure, disgrace, or liability to punishment: a black mark on one's record.
11. marked by disaster or misfortune: black areas of drought; Black Friday.
12. wearing black or dark clothing or armor: the black prince.
13. based on the grotesque, morbid, or unpleasant aspects of life: black comedy; black humor.
14. (of a check mark, flag, etc.) done or written in black to indicate, as on a list, that which is undesirable, sub-standard, potentially dangerous, etc.: Pilots put a black flag next to the ten most dangerous airports.
15. illegal or underground: The black economy pays no taxes.
16. showing a profit; not showing any losses: the first black quarter in two years.
17. deliberately false or intentionally misleading: black propaganda.
18. British. boycotted, as certain goods or products by a trade union.
19. (of steel) in the form in which it comes from the rolling mill or forge; unfinished.

20. the color at one extreme end of the scale of grays, opposite to white, absorbing all light incident upon it. Compare white (def 19).
21. (sometimes initial capital letter)
a. a member of any of various dark-skinned peoples, especially those of Africa, Oceania, and Australia.
b. African American.
22. black clothing, especially as a sign of mourning: He wore black at the funeral.
23. Chess, Checkers. the dark-colored men or pieces or squares.
24. black pigment: lamp black.
25. Slang. black beauty.
26. a horse or other animal that is entirely black.

verb (used with object)
27. to make black; put black on; blacken.
28. British. to boycott or ban.
29. to polish (shoes, boots, etc.) with blacking.

verb (used without object)
30. to become black; take on a black color; blacken.

31. (of coffee or tea) served without milk or cream.

Verb phrases
32. black out,
a. to lose consciousness: He blacked out at the sight of blood.
b. to erase, obliterate, or suppress: News reports were blacked out.
c. to forget everything relating to a particular event, person, etc.: When it came to his war experiences he blacked out completely.
d. Theater . to extinguish all of the stage lights.
e. to make or become inoperable: to black out the radio broadcasts from the U.S.
f. Military . to obscure by concealing all light in defense against air raids.
g. Radio and Television. to impose a broadcast blackout on (an area).
h. to withdraw or cancel (a special fare, sale, discount, etc.) for a designated period: The special air fare discount will be blacked out by the airlines over the holiday weekend.

33. black and white,
a. print or writing: I want that agreement in black and white.
b. a monochromatic picture done with black and white only.
c. a chocolate soda containing vanilla ice cream.
34. black or white, completely either one way or another, without any intermediate state.
35. in the black, operating at a profit or being out of debt ( opposed to in the red ): New production methods put the company in the black.

See more synonyms on
1. dark, dusky; sooty, inky; swart, swarthy; sable, ebony.
4. dirty, dingy.
5. sad, depressing, somber, doleful, mournful, funereal.
7. disastrous, calamitous.
9. sinful, inhuman, fiendish, devilish, infernal, monstrous; atrocious, horrible; nefarious, treacherous, traitorous, villainous.

1. white.
4. clean.
5. hopeful, cheerful.

Usage note
3, 21. Black, colored, and Negro have all been used to describe or name the dark-skinned African peoples or their descendants. Colored, now somewhat old-fashioned, is often offensive, although describing someone as “a person of color” is not. In the late 1950s and early 1960s black began to replace Negro and today is a widely used term. Common as an adjective ( black woman, man, American, people, etc.), black is also used as a noun, especially in the plural. Like other terms referring to skin color ( white, yellow ), black is usually not capitalized, except in proper names or titles ( Black Muslim; Black English ). In the appropriate meanings African American is increasingly used instead of black.

Origin: before 900; Middle English blak, Old English blæc; cognate with Old High German blah-; akin to Old Norse blakkr black, blek ink

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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