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Camp NaNoWriMo

Signups for Camp NaNoWriMo are happening now - Despite the number of times I've done NaNo in November, this will be my first time participating in Camp NaNoWriMo. Maybe those who have done it before can add/correct my information :-)

Participants are assigned into cabins (max of 12 writers). Cabin assignments can either be random, by interest (genre, word count goal, age) or you can create/join a private cabin. (So we could create our own cabin with 1_million_words folks for example).

You set your own (individual) writing goal - doesn't have to be 50K or a novel- Drop down categories for your writing project include: Novel, Nonfiction, Poetry, Revision, Script, Short Stories or Other. Goals can be by word count, lines, hours or pages.

How: You use your username/password to sign into
Both are non-profit sites. There are no fees or required donations. You have to create a profile/login before you can join/be invited to a cabin.

When: April 1 (no foolin' :-) - April 30

Who's participating this year? Would you be interested in a 1_million_words private cabin? Reply to the cabin thread with your nanowrimo username and writing goal.

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