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Hello members! You are tracking wonderfully well - I just checked out our Feb figures! - so YAY all of you!

It has been pointed out that we have some out-of-date links to the top left of the comm, and I'm on a mission to fix those that our fearless leader kaige68 hasn't already dealt to.

I've got the 2016 brag book sorted, and in so doing realised that not much bragging has happened, so if anyone who missed it at the time wants to tell us what they are most proud of from 2016, please do pop into this link and let us know where to find your best creations now! And, as I say, the link is permanently on the main page of the comm, so you can still visit later if you haven't got time right now.

The other thing I need to update is the weekend challenge schedule for this year, and that is my job for this weekend, so watch the link change from Weekend Challenge Schedule 2016 to Weekend Challenge Schedule 2017 sometime in the next few days!

Finally, I'm thinking that since the Rewards and Beta Readers posts date from our first year (2013! This is our fifth year, can you believe?), I will put up some new posts for them over the weekend too, and get anyone who wants to, to re-sign in on them, or indeed sign up for the first time! That way we will have a more up to date list of who is offering what, since some of our members whom I see on those older posts have become quieter of late and I'm not sure that they are all still interested in beta reading or helping out with rewards.

If you have any thoughts on anything I've mentioned today, or want to ask about/point out anything I've touched on, please feel free to comment here!
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