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Oh yeah! We're at it again! H and I are hitting you up for more words and graphics in new and different ways! This month is RARE PAIRS! It's going to be exciting. (we are still looking for prompts here go and leave a few. PLEASE!)

We are going to hit you with prompts and thoughts and such every day. I'll leave a thread here for you to put up rare pair and scenarios in specific fandoms you might like to see or ask about.

1) Rare Pair means that the pairing is new to you. Even if it's a canon pairing in a fandom you dabble in all the time, if you haven't done the pair yet it qualifies. Cross-overs will count. Edit: If your pairing is something you've done before but is rare in fanfic/fangraphics double the counts to qualify.
2) Rare Pair does not have to be romantic pairing. New Buddy pairing works too.
3) 1,000 total words or 3 banners/10 icons (in any combination of multiple or single contributions) will get you a participation reward (We don't know what yet, you know H and I aren't that organized).
4) Creations should be posted before March ends for rewards.

Today's prompt: I did that too as a kid!

Let the wording begin!
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