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Weekend Challenge: Collect 3 Things, Set a Scene, and Go with the Flow!

Heloooo! Happy weekend, all, and it is (finally) time for the Weekend Challenge.  This week, I've collected what I hope will be some interesting and productive prompts for you that fall under three categories:

1. Three Things
Yep, like it says on the tin - a random list of 3 Things. Write a single fic using them all, maybe. Use just one of the three if you'd like. No rules, just Three Things for inspiration.

2. Scene Setters
These are a variety of one or two line prompts gathered via Google and Pinterest that are pretty specific. Some are fanciful, some are dark, some are relationshippy and some are more general. It'll be the luck of the draw which you get- will randomize the list each time and give you the top one.

3. Go with the Flow
This is something a bit different, I think: Prompt meant for speed writing. The idea is to take the prompt and write whatever comes - fic or non-fic, up to you. Just...write! How long? Lets say, much as with the Word Wars, 25-30 minutes. Who knows what it might inspire - if not a finished fic, it might spawn a bunny. And who loves bunnies? We love bunnies!

To play, just comment below and say you're in! I'll deliver one of each. Shout back to tell us you've written 200+ words or made 2 icons or more by Sunday 11:59pm Eastern, and I'll be glad to do up a reward for you - ficlet or 2 icons or something like that!

So... who's in?!
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