kaige68 (kaige68) wrote in 1_million_words,

Well, it's Monday.

So I'm feeling betterer, and I'm catching up at work and things are going nicely and then... allergic reaction. It's not debilitating, I'm at work, I'm getting things done, but ... You know, just whinging and stuff. But it is producing a decided lack of works

How are you all doing? The February challenge is off to a roaring start, you are all darn impressive. So tell me, what are your plans to keep impressing me? What's next on your plate? How are you doing on your bingos? Are you still working on last month's challenge? You've got till the end of this month for both!

Are you sticking to your resolutions? Are you starting new ones for Feb?

And then as your flash challenge for today - Tell me what your three favorite things to do on a rainy day are, and then use a fav of your own or someone else and do a graphic, or write a fic!

Tags: monday: accolades

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