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Apologies and DCC assignments etc!

Hey everyone, how's it going? First off tonight, I want to say we're sorry that we have not got things off the ground as well as we would have liked this year - kaige68 has been sick, and then work's been crazy for her so she tells me to apologise on her behalf for not being on the ball right now - and I also want to apologise for me! I don't have her excuses and have in fact been on holiday recently so should have had more time, but somehow things have got away on me. I'll also apologise in advance if I end up a bit distracted over the next few months, but my family and I are looking at selling our house and buying another, so there may be a lot of stuff going on.

Despite all this, we are still very determined to keep the comm going and help inspire you to more words! I know we couldn't do it without all your help either, which we very much appreciate. Thank you to all of you who put up your hands in the post I made a while ago asking for volunteers and ideas for this year. I'm sorry I haven't directly answered any of your comments there, but K and I were planning to work through things together, and that just hasn't happened yet. So it's not too late to volunteer, either, so please follow the link and leave a comment if you want to help and haven't yet let us know! I still won't reply on that post at this point, but I am in the process of writing an email to the people concerned with the monthly challenges, and we will gradually work on the rest as we can!

Meanwhile, I have the Daily Count Challenge assignments for the rest of January! If your day doesn't work, please feel free to do it on another day along with whoever is assigned, and would the person assigned please pass it on when you're done, as per previous DCCs!

Here are your dates:

26th: craterdweller
27th: dracosdreamer
28th: thtwzjustadream
29th: candream
30th: weakmoments
31st: severina2001

Go, everyone, go! OH, and don't forget to update your numbers before Tuesday - the end of the month is approaching fast! THANK YOU!
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