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Comment fic Friday

Heya everyone! It's Friday, and as it's been a while since the last one, it's time for...

no title

And the prompt for tonight is:

Afternoon Delight

So whether one character of your choice is getting down and dirty with another character of your choice on a leisurely afternoon, or it's as simple as someone having an ice-cream at the beach before dinner, we'd love to hear all about it! Can you come up with 700-800 words (as much as you can fit in a comment) to give us that slice of life? Now's your chance!

Create something for this prompt and post or link it here; any genre, any fandom, any rating (although please warn or use spoilers if it's NSFw/explicit), and best of all: no time limit! So get creating - it doesn't matter if you post it tonight or in several months; it's all good! ;-)
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