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Weekend Challenge: Where the Pin Goes, We Go

Hello, all!

In honor of the family weekend I'll be having tomorrow (babysitting my parents at Walt Disney World for two days.. Yay..) I bring you some unique vacation destinations!

I have 25 Unusual Places to Take a Vacation and 50 Unpredictable and Non-Clichéd Places to Travel to in Your 20s

I did a quick glance and didn't see any overlaps.. but I'm mostly blind, sometimes. :)

Let me know which destination you'd like and a number, or I can randomize for you.

As always.. rewards are icons or landcomm sigtags (if applicable) or I can write you a thing, if I know the fandom. Also, as always, rewards will be delivered... I just can't promise they'll be timely. *shifty eyes*
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