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Much to do Monday!

First things first! DCC this week:
Jan 9th - severina2001
Jan 10th - haldoor
Jan 11th - weakmoments
Jan 12th - flipflop_diva
Jan 13th - kaige68
Jan 14th - craterdweller
Jan 15th - agdhani
Jan 16th - candream

And then:
ACK - I decided that Saturday would be the day to re-arrange my bedroom. Apparently, this will be the week to re-arrange my bedroom. You really don't know how much CRAP you have until you have to move it. And then you wonder why you have drawers full of mail from 2008. Also, in moving my bed (which I have been very proud that I had nothing under) I found that my cat has been hording all kinds of things and that I really need to take apart my bed and clean under it more often. (The dog does not fit under the bed.)

So yeah, that's my big plan for this week - get the bedroom back together, and get words done! What are you all up to? How are you going to be awesome this week?
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