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w00t Day

Oh man, let's face the fact that I am just not good at weekends. I have limited internet and tend to hibernate. But I'm here, and guess what? YOU ARE ALL SO VERY AWESOME!

OVER TWELVE AND A HALF MILLION WORDS! It's kinda freaking amazing that we can quantify our awesome like this!

Now, on to the important things! How are you going to be awesome this year? This month? This week? Are you ready? Are you braced? How are you going to make 2017 awesome!

I am starting by cleaning out my craft closet, and perhaps getting the laundry out of it. *headdesk*

2017 is so going to be our year!!!

DCC for this week will be
Jan 3rd - slashluv18 (I know it's late, but give yourself 24 hours from reading this)
Jan 4th - agdhani
Jan 5th - thtwzjustadream
Jan 6th - kaige68
Jan 7th - flipflop_diva
Jan 8th - dracosdreamer
Jan 9th - severina2001

Tags: daily: count challenge, monday: accolades

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