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Volunteers & Ideas, please!

Here we are, kicking off a new year at our favourite comm! Welcome back everyone; I hope you're refreshed and ready to create! If you're new, welcome! Don't be afraid to drop in and say hi! If you're a member but haven't been here in a while, welcome back! We're happy to have you all; hope to help inspire your creativity in 2017, and count your words towards our brand new total for this year.

The count posts are up and linked at the top left on the comm page - add in your comment so you can add to your count through the year - this is where we'll be picking up the numbers at the end of each month, so bookmark it if you want, but they'll be linked there all year, and we normally include a link in any reminder post.

Now, on to how YOU can help everyone else, and most especially your mods! We've got a Pool Party Challenge for this month, which kaige68 will be posting about soon. As for the rest of the year... this is where you guys come in.

We're looking for volunteers to help out with challenges and regular posts, so put your hand up by commenting on one of the threads in this post! Just tell us what kind of challenge you'd like to help with - if you've been with us a while you'll have an idea of the sort of things we normally run during the year - and tell us when is good/not good for you, and we'll add you to this year's list of helpers! If you're new to the comm, here's where you can offer up ideas, or check out what others say and add your voice to the party!

If you're happy to do something you've already been doing, or you'd love to give someone else a go at it, now's the time to talk to us about that. We're happy either way - we LOVE and appreciate the help you've already given, and are happy for you to continue, or to ask others to take over; that's up to you!

If you're one of those shy people who hasn't helped before and are not sure if it's for you, please do jump in with something - if commenting publicly is not your thing, you can always PM myself or Kaige; we can answer any of your questions and tell you more about the thing you're interested in.

And lastly, even if you don't think you can help run/post something, you probably have ideas on the sort of challenges you liked in the past, have seen elsewhere, or have just thought up yourself right this minute, so comment here to tell us! We want to know what will help you create more words and/or graphics; what things you enjoy creating for, and what's popular enough that lots of you will get into it when we run it.

To make things easier, I'm putting up threads with these subjects, so that we can sort the ideas more easily. Put your comment under the appropriate thread if you can, or if it falls into more than one category, use the 'general' one that's last:

1. Regular recurring posts (i.e. weekly, daily stuff)
2. Monthly challenges (exactly what it says!)
3. Odds and ends (other challenges that happen randomly/semi-regularly)
4. Weekend challenge volunteers (sign up here if you can run a weekend challenge or two)
5. General (anything I've missed, or when you have several points in different areas)

Oh, and please, if you agree with/like someone else's already mentioned challenge idea/favourite, regular feature or any other thing here, please reply to that person's comment so we can see how interested people are.

Now, don't be afraid! Come on down and tell us what you want, and how you'd like to help!
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