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Dec. 30th, 2016 08:37 pm (UTC)
fandom: Veronica Mars
"I want a dog," Logan whined.

Veronica rolled her eyes. She expected something like this from their 4-year old son, not her 32-year old husband. She should have known better. "No."

"A dog is so much fun. It would be great for Jack. Teach him responsibility and all of that crap."

"No," Veronica repeated.


She looked at her pouting husband. "I work long hours, and your busy with your Protection for Women and Children organization. A dog needs a lot of attention, and he wouldn't get it. It's not fair to it."

"I seem to remember you feeling the same way about having a kid, and look at us now. Parents."

Veronica laughed. He was right about that. Veronica did put up a fight. A lot of it was because they lived busy lives, but deep down, Veronica had been scared. She knew Logan would be a great father despite his upbringing because he was so natural when it came to taking care of those he loved. That was why Veronica fought him so hard when it came to their relationship. She was afraid of letting someone shoulder some of the burden. Her real fear when it came to having a kid was she was afraid she took after Lianne instead of her dad, and she didn't want to ruin a child's life.

Logan broke her down, though, and she had never been happier than when she held Jack in her arms for the first time.

Still, a dog was different. It had nothing to do with fear. It was the fact they had busy schedules. And she told him that.

Logan cupped her cheek, his childish behavior going away as quickly as it showed up. "Veronica, I know it won't be easy to figure it out, but we can make it work. I think a dog would complete our little family. And you know how much Jack wants a pet that he can play with and cuddle. We'll find a way to make it work, and it won't get neglected. Just think about the look in Jack's eyes."

Veronica did think about it. Finally she muttered, "I should just be happy that you're not asking for another kid."

Logan grinned. He won, and he knew it.
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