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Good morning good people!

We are now under the two week mark! ACK! Countable days left until we cash out the numbers for the year! ARE YOU READY? Me either!

However, still have 13 more days. We can totally do this! WE CAN! We have WIPness and 100 in 100 coming up! We have WotD we can use, weekly prompts, weekend prompts, monthly prompts, and seasonal prompts. WE ARE CHOCK FULL OF PROMPTS IF YOU'RE LOOKING! WE SO FREAKING HAVE THIS!

Now, tell me how awesome you were last week? I did all of my cookies in two days! I'm pretty freaking excited to have that behind me, sure my whole body hurts (including my hair), but it's done! What did you do?

And what are you plans for record setting awesome this week? I have ALL the wrapping and two more gift certificates to buy. I KNOW! I feel awesome that it's such a tiny list. Well I do have one hat to knit, but as the matching mittens went out on Saturday, it's already happily late. What are you up to?

And then a reminder for DCC folks. This week we are: Mon 19th - haldoor, Tues 20th erinm_4600, Wed 21st slashluv18, Thurs 22nd weakmoments, Fri 23rd - kaige68, Sat 24th flipflop_diva, Sun 25th agdhani

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