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Comment fic Friday!

I know it's been an aeon since I posted a prompt for comment fic, but my calendar reminder actually popped up today, which it hasn't in a while, so you are in luck!

I'm doing this on my phone and have yet to figure out how to get my comment fic graphic out of my LJ album, so this post  isn't as obvious as it might be, but I'm sure some of you can find it anyway!

For today's prompt, I'm giving you a choice! For those of you who want to go gen (or for the imaginative PWPers amongst you) there's this:

                                 Tech failure

And for those who want to run with something porny (and I give you full permission to get as filthy as you like, just make sure you warn in your header so those who'd rather not read PWP can avoid it - and for extra assurance you might want to use a spoiler cut), try this:

                           Time for a Quickie

So whether things aren't working or whether they really ARE right this minute, come on everyone!  Drop and give me a 700-800 word slice of life for some of your favourite characters, to help the comm hit that count by the end of December!  Link or post here before the 31st, and you will be in good company!

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