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Swap of Joy for hanorganaas Apologies

Hey so I am a little delayed with this but I promise it will be done soon. Here is a little taster :)

Title: Take Some Time Out
Fandom: Arrow
Pairing: Felicity/Oliver

No one would ever truly understand the relationship between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. They had split up and made up so many times and no other relationship had ever come close to matching the roaring flames of their passion when they were together. A few had come close, John had understood Oliver’s need to be close to the blonde and make sure she was safe and Ray had stepped away from Felicity when he saw how much she needed Oliver to be by her side. But no one had seen the deeper desire the relationship. It had taken the two themselves long enough to give in to the need. Oliver Queen was the Arrow and the mayor, the saviour of Star City, but a single man can’t hold all that responsibility and power all at once. His hunt for a deputy mayor was still unsuccessful after Quentin checked himself into rehab so no reprieve was granted there. John’s return and the team’s training was taking somethings off his shoulders but then Prometheus was piling it all back on again. It was a high stress situation knowing that the villain terrorising his city was one of his own creation. His demons were once again spilling out and hurting those he cares about. Felicity was there, Felicity had been there through thick and thin even when their personal relationship was in the midst of a storm, Felicity could be relied on to help save the day. Felicity knew that sometimes Oliver needed to let go and he couldn’t do it himself. Once in a while he needed someone else to take control. Felicity would do that for him.
Tags: challenge: swap of joy

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