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NaNoWriMo and Mini_WriMo checkin and Victory Lap

I know some of you (like me) still have one more day but I wanted to get this post up a little early for those in the earliest timezones. Officially NaNo and mini_wrimo challenges end at 11:59PM (or 23:59 for those that like the 24hour clock) in your local timezone on Nov 30. Take every last minute you need :D

So, another NaNo and mini_wrimo is behind us. EVERYONE take a victory lap. Whether you've surpassed 50K/your mini_wrimo goal or didn't quite get there you've put in a herculean effort and we've WRITTEN MORE WORDS!! So pat yourself on the back because - WELL DONE! WE ROCKED!

Everyone chime in, and tell us how AWESOME you were in November. If you care to share any lessons learned, things you wish you'd done differntly, things that made you cry, things that made you laugh, links to finished works/excerpts it's all good. Remember, this is your victory lap :D

Imagine GIF of the snoopy dance here - I have no idea what happened to all the gifs I'd had saved up - maybe I was a little too maniacal in my old junk cleanup :D

PS: I'm offering rewards in the form of gifs/icons/banners for anyone that participated in NaNo/mini_wrimo. If you'd like something please drop a comment in the rewards thread (please let me know if you'd prefer a gif, icon or banner)
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