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Weekend Challenge: The Random List of Randomosity!

Hello folks, and welcome to the Weekend Challenge! This time around I was inspired by Nanowrimo, the online gathering where millions of well-intentioned but increasingly sleep-deprived people attempt to write a 50K novel in the month of November. For many of us, the craziest ideas find their way into our stories, no matter how random they may seem at the time. So the challenge this week is...

 photo random_zps8fcpkha0.jpg

I have a list (that I blatantly borrowed from a landcomm) of 631 extremely random things sittin' right here in front of me. There are everything from single words to song titles to phrases, and you can pick up to five numbers to serve as your prompts this weekend. Write 500 words or create 3 images and you get a banner... use all 5 prompts in the same story for BONUS POINTS! (Bonus points = me clapping enthusiastically.)

All right, folks, step right up and get yer prompts!
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