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August Rush reward banners - at last!

Hey everyone - guess what? I finally found time to make the long-awaited August Rush reward banners! I know, it's a miracle!

Anyway, these are not the most spectacular banners ever, because in all honesty I'm having trouble keeping up with just about everything at the moment, but I knew I had to get these done so I could move onto the next thing on my list. I have done a variation on a theme for all of you, and used an August Rush graphic (that I liked or thought represented it best) for the fandom/s you each filled for the majority of your entries, for the most part, so forgive me if you would have liked everything covered or a different picture... I hope you like them and will put them with any other rewards you've earned from the comm anyway!

I look forward to seeing you all again in next year's August Rush, if not before! ;-)
Tags: admin: rewards, challenge: august rush

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