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Fandom Squee Days 19 & 20: Rare Fandoms!

This is majorly late (so many computer problems this weekend), but better late than never, as they say, so here were are to squee over our ...


I'm not going to put a number on these to define rare, but let's just say all our fandoms that don't get nearly enough love. For me, my favorite rare fandoms are the three Chicago shows (Fire/PD/Med), Quantico (even if I am a little behind) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The Chicago shows are almost like mini-soap operas, but in the best way. On the surface, the shows are about the fire department, the police officers and the medical staff of Chicago, but really they are just about the characters and all the ups and downs they face. And they face a lot of ups and downs!

A few of my favorite ladies

Quantico drew me in from episode 1 last year. The way the story is told — half in present day and half in flashback — is just so intriguing and I love watching how it all comes together just as much as I love all the characters.

And Brooklyn Nine-Nine is probably my favorite comedy. It's hysterical. All the characters are so well-defined and so distinct but somehow it just works and I adore it.

Now tell me about your favorite rare fandoms!
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