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NaNoWriMo and Mini_WriMo checkin

Good morning campers! Today is either day 20 or 21 depending on your timezone. For NaNo folks that means you should be between 33,333 and 35000 words. It's time to start tying up those plotlines and bring it all home. Mini_wrimos you should be at 2/3 your goal.

How's everyone doing? Starting to see the finish line?

NOTE: NaNo folks that have already passed 50K, you can start checking your official word count at the NaNoWriMo site. Of course, even if you've already collected your winner's goodies you can still keep writing until Nov 30 - or just sit back and cheerlead the rest of us who are still chasing the 50K.

Yesterday I managed to make up a good portion of my word debt. I'm starting the day with 30,668 with a goal/target of reaching 33,333 before bedtime. There's still plenty of time (and one more weekend) for those that are behind.

Question of the day: For those who live in areas with a national holiday during November, will you be writing during your holiday or will you be tied up with other types of activities? I hope to do a bit of both. I'd love to catch at least a few episodes of the 600 episode Simpsons marathon!

Good luck everyone! And as always let me know if there's anything we can do to help :D
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