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Are 6 dogs too many?

Weekend Challenge - Quotes from Shakespeare!


Hello my lovelies. I am your host for this weekend's challenge. I am posting a day early because I will be traveling tomorrow and may not be able to attend to your requests.

This weekend's challenge is made up of Shakespeare quotes. (I love Shakespeare, in case you hadn't guessed!) I have a list of 40 quotes from which you can choose. I've picked out quotes that are as generic as possible and which I think will make for good prompts. And if you choose to participate in this challenge, please feel free to modernize the quotes. They don't need to be included in your creation precisely as Shakespeare penned them.

Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to request as many quotes as you'd like, from 1 to 40. I will provide said quote(s) to you and you will be as creative as you like!

Once you've completed your challenge fill, be sure and post a link here so we can all enjoy it!

And for all those who are getting ready for Thanksgiving - Have a happy and healthy one!!!

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