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NaNoWriMo and Mini_WriMo checkin

Are we there yet? Well, halfway at least :D We've put week two behind us and hopefully our plots/works are coming together. Even if you can't quite see the end yet, pat yourself on the back for making it this far. If you're behind, start thinking of little ways you can squeeze in some extra writing time. You'd be surprised but 25 minutes here and there add up to some nice word counts.

I'm working on my second day of cluster headaches (recurring, intense, migraine like headaches) but have had to go into work anyway (just too much going on right now). I managed to break 25K yesterday on schedule, not sure how many words I'm good for tonight. Heck when this happens, I'm happy with adding a hundred to my total and getting a good night's rest. I ultimately find it easier to catch up a day or so worth's of word debt when I'm closer to 100 percent rather than trying to write through the pain.

How about you? How do you handle the curveballs your body loves to throw at you during November?

Aiming to host Friday afternoon/evening word wars and possibly a few on Saturday - cluster headaches willing.

Now go write some words!!!
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