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Fandom Squee Day 15 - Marvel Netflix shows

Sorry for all the disruption this weekend. I had a crazy few days and this completely slipped my mind. But here we are Day 15, the halfway point!

Marvel Netflix Shows
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Now let's begin with the one that started it all: DAREDEVIL!
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Now you are all going to regret getting me started on this show. I love it, I love it on so many different levels. To begin with, Charlie Cox. Stardust is my favourite film of all time and imagine how excited I was to learn that the adorable little Tristain Thorn was going to kick ass as Matt Murdock *squeals* Even when he is all battered and bruised and sulky.
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I even liked Elecktra although I think she deserved better then the whole ending (I won't ruin it for people) and the Punisher was so beautifully done and he definately needs a spin off.
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And then there was Jessica Jones :)
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Now this is the sort of female protagonist I want to see. She's been through hard times and come through it with a no fuss attitude and full of wise cracks. But she isn't perfect, she's still fighting her demons and it's refreshing to actually see that. Kilgrave is such a phenomenal villain; he is truly psycotic with his desire to just have a life with the woman he loves no matter what he has to do to get there. I love David Tennant as an actor and he truly mastered this role.
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It also served as the introduction of LUKE CAGE!
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I love Luke Cage and the whole ideas behind the series. It took a very topical turn but it dealt with the racial issues very well. I'm a little sad that Jess didn't make an appearance but I knew she wouldn't really. Although I am loving the tying of them all together with Claire Temple. She is such a fab character with how resigned to superhumans she is now. Almost fed up with it all
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So what do you guys think? Which is your favourite?
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