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Fandom Squee Days 12 & 13: New Fandoms!

Ack. So we got a little off of our daily posting. Somehow the entry for the weekend never got posted and I just realized it. So excuse the slight extra dose of fandom squee as we get caught up.

Remember, too, you can come squee at any time you want, from now up until the first couple weeks of December (since we know many of you are Nano'ing). It's never too late to squee!

So let's move on to the late weekend fandom squee:


('New' being a relative term. It doesn't have to be a fandom that just appeared. It could be an old fandom that is new to you.)

For me, the newest fandom that I've actually done fandom things with is probably the Avengers Academy video game (or, well, mobile game). OMG you guys. This game is the cutest. It's a ton of the different Marvel characters all imagined as teenagers going to college, and the interactions are just adorable. You basically make your way through the storylines and unlock characters and buildings and rank people and things up. I mean, you don't do a ton, but somehow I am super obsessed with it.

My newest fandoms in terms of things I am watching that I really am loving and am wanting to do fandom things with but haven't yet are probably Conviction (which, of course, is practically cancelled already, but I'll take what I can get), which is about a group that looks at old cases that are being appealed to see if they think the convictions should be kept or overturned, and The Good Place, which is so, so cute and I love it so much. Kristen Bell is adorable as Eleanor, who was sent to 'The Good Place' by mistake after she died, and the show is constantly making me laugh.

So tell me now — what are your new fandoms? What do you like about them, why should other people watch them/read them/play them? Come tell us, and maybe you'll make someone a convert!
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