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Fandom Squee Day 9: White Collar

Hey everyone, hope you are having a good month so far. I'm a little busy but getting by. Snowed back home though which is a little weird for this time of year *sigh* climate change.
Anyway back onto Fandom Squee! Today the fandom is ...
White Collar
Image result for white collar gifs
Now I love this show so much ... so much that I decided to binge watch all the episodes again for the hundredth time (which in hindsight was a very bad idea but hey I'm enjoying it. Over here in the UK I watched it on Alibi (a tv channe my mum is obsessed with) and was so sad when they said they wouldn't be airing it anymore. I had to stream the rest and still dream of what could have happened if it hadn't been cancelled.
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Matt Bomer is one of my favourite actors (we'll get to Bryce Larkin later in the month) and I feel he masters Neal Caffrey, con-man extraordinaire! He has such a good onscreen relationship with Tim DeKay that makes all these unbelievable exploits feel real!
Image result for white collar gifs
On a side note, I want to be Neal Caffrey. Con-Man(Woman) is second on my list of dream professions after pirate!

So what do you all think? Who's your favourite character? Favourite Episode? Tell me everything!
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