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NaNoWriMo and Mini_WriMo checkin

Okay campers - if you're doing the full NaNo your goal is 15,000 words, minis you should be at 900/1000 or at the 30 percent mark. Some of you are going full steam and have already passed that milestone - That's wonderful, but try and bank as many words as you can as you never know when something will crop up.

For those like me that are right on pace - it's important to keep going. If you're not feeling it, or have too many interruptions, try to write at least a few words.

And if you are behind, take a deep breath. You still have plenty of time. Chip away at your word deficit a little at a time, or join us for word wars if that helps.

Share your favorite tips/words of encouragement.
Tags: challenge: nano!

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